Consumers’ Revelation: Technology Helps Find Cheaper Products


mobile-shopperMost web users today share a very positive attitude towards personal technology not only in regard to online shopping. Furthermore, according to a latest Microsoft’s research, about 85% of people think that technology is making the world a better place to live. In addition, the report outlines the most important qualities of gadgets and the web that help make the world a better place.

The top answer consumers gave was that personal technology has improved their ability to find cheaper products.

Around 74% of all the participants in Microsoft’s newest survey see access to a greater diversity of affordable products as the single most important positive impact of technology. That suggests that the world is more obsessed with online shopping and searching for bargains online than it has even been.

The good news is that another advantage of personal technology was also backed up by 74% of the survey’s respondents. The other leading positive effect of gadgets and the Internet is that it has the power to advance social activism. Web users shared that social media in particular is quite successful in raising awareness on various social issues, as well as encouraging people to be more socially active.

All in all, most online users see technology as a positive factor in various spheres of their lives, including shopping, learning, working and completing daily tasks. Business is one of the fields that also enjoys a great deal of benefits from the rise of personal technology. Around 72% of people believe that modern technology makes businesses more innovative. Another 68% think that personal electronics and the Internet make it easier for people to start a new business.


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