Creatives Should Not Fear AI’, Says Snapchat


Generative AI is dismantling the barriers that have traditionally made the creative sector inaccessible to many people, rather than threatening to put artists out of jobs, according to one of Snapchat’s top executives.

“Fear that AI is taking over in the creative sectors is not justified,” Georg Wolfart, Head of Public Policy, Snap Inc., told the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI.

Speaking at a panel titled ‘GenAI: Fueling Growth for Creative Clusters’, Wolfart said: “The value of generative AI lies in a combination of the human element and the AI element because uniqueness still comes from humans.”

Speaking on the same panel, John Dabill, Director of Product Operations, HTC Vive, acknowledged the prevailing preference for human-generated output in the creative realm. But he said AI will democratize creativity, explaining that technology will expand opportunities for a broader demographic to join the space without needing artistic skills.

While both agreed that AI has been a catalyst for growth in the creative sector, they underscored the imperative of establishing fitting regulations and enhancing transparency to ensure AI’s responsible integration.

Wolfart said the current “one-size-fits-all approach” to regulating AI, particularly in its early stages, is inadequate, stressing that “it should be risk-based and proportionate”.

As the world rushes to embrace AI, he advised countries to “take a step back and focus on demystifying AI and consider the objectives you aim to achieve”.

He added: “There is pressure due to the rapid emergence of technology, but it is important not to rush regulations too quickly.”


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