4 New ideas about small business in Dubai


To own a small business in Dubai is by now the ultimate goal of every expatriate who relocates to the Middle East for better earning opportunities. With the economy already thriving and the prospects of even faster expansion in the coming years due to World Expo 2020’s potential, more and more people are searching for new small business opportunities. If you are one of them, you have certainly come across suggestions like freelancer, virtual assistant, e-commerce business or translator.

In order to be successful, your business idea should be original in first place. Secondly, it should be focused on a relatively unexplored niche, as the competition will be rather limited. When these two factors are combined, the potential for success of your small business in Dubai will be far stronger.

Software Trainer

This is not a business idea that can be picked up by just any individual. You will need to have proficient skills not only in the IT sphere, but also to have knowledge and experience on a specific software. No, we are not talking about basic programs like Word or PowerPoint, but more about Photoshop, AutoCAD or even coding and programing. Many jobseekers like to add a few extra skills to their CVs and this is where you can help.  Professional online courses can be found here.

Employee-Monitoring and Productivity Managing Services

A company’s performance and success rate depends on a number of key factors – management, finance, the economy, marketing and employees. Until recently, the latter was widely underestimated. However, now, more and more businesses are looking for new ways to make their employees more motivated and productive. To save time, many prefer to rely on employee-monitoring or productivity managing services. Basically, such companies keep track of employees habits, performance and workplace routine and pinpoint potential weaknesses that might slowdown the worker. In addition, they try to bring distractions to a minimum.

Specialized Fitness Service

Starting a fitness- or –health-focused small business in Dubai is no longer an original idea. There are already many companies competing for market dominance. So, if you want to succeed in this field, you will need to pick a niche. For instance, many women want to continue to work out when they become pregnant, but not all training centers can help them by creating a suitable exercise plan. Similar is the case with elderly people, or with people with long-term injuries. You can even build your small business around children. Many parents will be happy to sign up their kids to a training course, if that means keeping them away from the computer screen for an hour or two.

Niche Party Planning Service

Party planning businesses can be profitable, in general. However, such small ventures can be even more profitable if they are more specialized. For example, you can focus your company’s activity on Disney movies inspired children’s parties, birthdays in desert camps, anniversaries on yachts, weddings in the sky, etc. Also, make sure you add some memorable extras like “expected” Bollywood star appearance.

Even if you do not like any of these ideas for small business in Dubai, you can easily come up with your own. Just select a more generalized business idea that is currently in demand and then focus on a niche.


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