2015 Emerging Fitness Trend: Yoga for Men



Yoga has turned into more or less mainstream fitness activity, but only for the ladies. However, men are starting to realize that the exercise that unites mind, body and spirit actually has a number of benefits for everyone. And therefore yoga for men, according to health and fitness specialists, will be one of the emerging fitness trends in 2015.

Despite men’s common misconception that yoga is a spiritual exercise, weird Eastern exercise for women, or movements for saluting the sun, and has no actual physical benefit, it’s just the opposite. In fact, yoga creates balance in the body, while developing both strength and flexibility.

In addition, there are several specific benefits from yoga for men – it alleviates the fitness- and sport-related pain and injury; it keeps your body strong without actually wrecking it (as it happens with weight-lifting); it provides real challenge – sweating and extremely difficult sometimes, yet safe and fun. Within a month of yoga training, you will notice your diet, sleep and overall health are starting to improve and you will be able to do everything you love easily and for longer.

Most of all, yoga will improve your fitness or sport performance, and will relieve the stress of everyday life. The good breathing techniques and concentration training help in every aspect of work or personal life. Finally, yoga is indeed the fountain of youth – a regular yoga routine will help you live your life more fully and vibrantly than you could ever imagine.

However, in order to do it right and to get yourself even more excited about it, you should get the appropriate gear and clothing. And since the yoga market targets primarily the ladies, this is no easy task. First, a man will need larger in size, ticker, and more durable mat. HemingWeigh’s Extra Thick Foam Mat (available here for $25.99) was made for that. And besides, it’s great for any type of floor exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, and so on. Next, the proper yoga pants – organic cotton long pants like the one here are extremely comfortable, masculine style, and will prevent over sweating.

And now, let’s see something a lot more exciting – the wellness tracker. If you’ve always wanted some piece of wearable technology, yoga training gives you the perfect excuse to get it. It’s not about this, of course. This wearable device tracks your heart rate and improves your breathing, but it also alerts you of incoming calls, emails, and more. It’s also stylish and comes in various colours, so it’s the perfect yoga wearable device! To find out more about the benefits of wearable devices, read further: How Wearable Technology Will Change Our Life in 2015.

Last, but not least, yoga for men is still relatively unexplored business niche and there are plenty of opportunities for small businesses and professional services offerings. You may read further: How to start a small business Yoga Class


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