How to start a small business – Yoga Class


Starting a small business is an ambitious goal. You need to organize and plan everything from the scratch. In addition, you need to have an interesting and winning idea that has the potential of transforming into a successful company. Also, you will need to choose in what business sphere to work.

If you have set your mind on a small business yoga class, then you can cross out one of the above listed startup must-dos. But that was the easy part. You have much more work to do. Let’s get started!

Ask Yourself a Few Important Questions

Before you start making any serious business plans, you need to think on a number of things. First of all, consider whether you are passionate enough about the yoga class, which you are going to organise. Remember that running a small business goes hand in hand with constant challenges. Even if your startup business is growing and developing, problems will always be there. If you are passionate about is, however, you will have the power and patience to overcome them.

The next thing you need to ask yourself is whether you have knowledge on marketing, finances and business in general. If you don’t, are you willing to learn? Practicing yoga is fun, but you will also need to get down to the core of your business. That is not always the most inspiring or relaxing thing to do.

Yoga Certification

Even if you are a self-made yoga expert, you will need a certification. Otherwise, you won’t be able to freely practice your trade. To become a certified yoga teacher you need to go to a yoga instructor who is authorized to give certificates. You will be required to pay an application fee, which in Dubai may not be so minor as you may imagine. Also, there is an additional annual fee. In some countries, yoga instructors need to pay other fees depending where and whom they want to train.

Owner or Sole Proprietor

Do you want to join forces with another company or be your own boss? Both have their pros and cons. If you are the sole proprietor of your small business yoga class, you will have the whole power in your hand. Nevertheless, you will also have all the burden and problems on your shoulders. If, on the other hand, you become part of another firm, you will make less money, but you will also have partners who can help you out either with the small business of with the youga class.

Choose Location

The location of your business is a key factor to its potential growth. Make sure the place is easily-accessible for various age and interest groups of clients. Also, select a spot which you can afford. You probably imagine starting out your small business yoga class in a spacious studio. That is possible only if you have a capital. Our advice – start small and then grow!

Decide What Type of Yoga You are Going to Teach

As a yoga enthusiast or expert, you probably know that there are many types of yoga. Focus on something that is popular among the general public. That will certainly make your startup business more profitable.


Purchase insurance in case of any client injuries. That will minimize your liability and cover a big part of the health care expenses of the injured. A number of companies in Dubai offer insurances for small businesses and the easiest thing to do is to ask your bank first

Spread the Word

You are almost there! All you need to do is attract customers. Make fliers, brochures and posters in which you explain who you are, what you do and what makes you different from all the rest. Register your small business into industry focused websites such as, for example. In addition, create pages on popular social media websites and share it among friends, family and colleagues.

The floor (or shall we say the yoga mat) is yours! Keep in mind that this is only the start and that your small business yoga class is just in its first stage. Look forward to the day when you will open a sports center.


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