New Anniversary PlayStation – Pricey and Hard to Get


Sony will release a new PlayStation console. The company announced that it will launch a limited edition PS 4 gaming console to mark the device’s 20th anniversary. A few limited editions PlayStation are already available on the market.

The console will come in “Original Grey,” which was also the colour of the first PlayStation console. In addition, the design of the product will also resemble that of its predecessor.

Since the 20th Anniversary PlayStation will be a limited-edition item, Sony will produce only 12,300 units of it. The meaning behind this number is that it comes from the release date of the original PS console, as well as the introduction of the PlayStation brand itself – December 3, 1994.

Because of the highly limited quantities of the new console, consumers will not be able to purchase it from retailers. Sony is yet to share how gamers can get the special edition PlayStation. The company will give out more details on the launch this weekend, at its PlayStation Experience event.

Nevertheless, Sony has already announced the price of the upcoming PlayStation for the European market. The company stated that the 20th Anniversary edition of PS will cost €499. Given that PlayStation 4 was launched with a price tag of €399 in Europe and $399 in North America, the limited-edition bundle will probably be sold for $499.

An interesting fact about Sony’s original PlayStation console is that it was the first gaming console that managed to ship 100 million units. The success of the device was so massive that Sony did not release a second-generation PlayStation until 2000 or six years after its introduction. PS2, on the other hand, continues to be the top-selling home console even today. By 2012, it sold in more than 155 million units. The latest console of the brand, PlayStation 4, became the fastest selling video game console after it sold in 1 million units in just 24 hours after its release.


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