Holiday Shopper’s Nightmare – Xbox One Out of Stock


PlayStation 4 is the winner, because it is still available! If you want to buy an Xbox One bundle, you are out of luck, since Microsoft Store has sold out the available units as of this time. In addition, it is still not clear when the store will restock with bundles. This actually happened a few times during the past days. Cyber Monday Sale on Video Games and you will be surprised to see the titles. Xbox 360 bundles are also available and you may find some under $250.

What is more, even Xbox One with Kinect and refurbished consoles are out of stock since a few days already.

The reason for the shortage is of corse the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. The price of Xbox One bundles and consoles were significantly reduced, some bundles up to $159 off. This holiday season may be the most successful for Microsoft.

Nevertheless, the temporary Xbox shortage is a true nightmare for many holiday shoppers who were counting to receive their Christmas gifts early. However, there are still more than two weeks until Christmas and many people are yet to buy gaming consoles.

If you are among these consumers, you will be happy to learn that there is an easy solution. PlayStation 4, which for many is a better option, still is available and you buy it online.

Also, many of the PS4 bundles that were released for Black Friday 2014 can be found on the catalogue of the biggest online retailer. The PlayStation 4 Black Friday Bundle – Lego Batman 3 and Little Big Planet 3 is offered for $539, whereas PlayStation 4 Black Friday Bundle is still with unrevised Black Friday price tag. Even the PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle, which was launched earlier, can be bought online for less than $440.

Even though Xbox supposedly had a better holiday season than PS4 so far, it is not sure how will the numbers compare by the end of December 2014.


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