NX1 – World’s Fastest Interchangeable Lens Camera


Samsung has announced the launch of the NX1, the world’s fastest and most accurate interchangeable-lens camera,which is already included in the holiday gift guide for 2014. The NX1 is the latest addition to Samsung’s award-winning NX series,  which combines the connectivity features that consumers expect from Samsung, with crystal clear image quality, lightning fast shutter speeds, and a durable body that lets users take photos under any conditions. No, it is not included in any Cyber Monday sale and there is no holiday discount.

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By expanding its award winning NX series with the NX1, Samsung aims to equip professional photographers with the tools to capture the perfect shot. Unrivaled by any other Compact System Camera on the market, the NX1 boasts superior shutter speed and image quality that will leave you nothing less than impressed with this camera’s performance.

The NX1 boasts a DRIMeV Imaging Engine, which allows for 28-MegaPixel photos to be taken at 15 frames per second (fps) – an astounding feat that allows users to continuously shoot high-quality images without experiencing any delays in camera function despite the size of the data stream. The NX1, can easily capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment as it happens, in glorious 28-MP resolution and at 55ms AF speed.

This camera also offers a top-notch video setting. Users will be able to shoot their videos in 4K UHD, four times higher resolution than HD. The footage is guaranteed to be smooth and impressive, whether you are viewing it on your laptop or on a high-resolution television. This image clarity is even present in photography taken in darkness, and images remain clear and bright thanks to the NX1’s Adaptive NR technology, which analyzes and processes details, colors, and other important elements of the photograph when activated.

Samsung’s design team created a casing that makes the NX1 a perfect camera for any weather condition. The durability of its magnesium body is enhanced by dust and drip-proof seals around the dials, button, and seams of the device, allowing for beautiful captures to be made in any conditions. The range of interchangeable lenses is also dust and splash-proof, making it easier than ever to expand your photography skills in rain or shine.

Finally, the NX1 continues to build on the success of Samsung’s SMART CAMERA technology with built-in Wi-Fi and groundbreaking Bluetooth connectivity. Sharing your memories is a snap with its user-friendly interface and high-speed data transfer capabilities. With its superb imaging features, sleek design, and variety of lenses, the NX1 is a must-have for photography lovers.

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The Samsung NX1 is not yet available in the United Arab Emirates, but you can order it from Amazon.com.


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