Global Ban on Selfies May Push Travelers to Rethink CSC


Survive the Self-Stick Ban with the Samsung NX mini

With news that Disney World, England’s National Gallery, Versailles palace and others have all banned selfie-sticks, the old camera might make a comeback. For several years, both point-and-shoot DSLR cameras have lost ground to smartphone cameras—with double-digit losses year-on-year—and the ban of the selfie stick may actually inspire tourists to capture the grandeur of the London Eye or the scenic beauty of Paris with the old standby.

This may also be on the minds of Gulf residents, who are some of the most well-traveled in the Middle East. Making up 60 percent of all outbound travel from the region, Gulf tourists tend to travel for leisure, taking in a change of scenery and gaining exposure to another culture.

But there’s no need to use your grandfather’s point-and-shoot on the peaks of Cappadocia. Compact system cameras are designed to be a high-tech, smartly designed and superiorly lightweight alternative to a DSLR, and the Samsung NX mini is designed for the traveler on-the-go.

Doesn’t weight you down
For anyone who likes to hop from sight to sight without feeling weighed down, the Samsung NX mini is the lightest and slimmest compact system camera on the market. At only 158 grams, the NX mini may be lighter both your selfie-stick and smartphone put together. But where Samsung skimps on weight, the company delivers on style and durability. Built out of aluminum and magnesium, the Samsung NX mini will always keep up with you.

Gets every selfie right
The selfie-stick hit the peak of popularity because it helps you get yourself, your friends and your backdrop in every frame. Thanks to its wide-screen display, the NX mini always get the group shot right, Flip Up Touch display ensures that you know exactly how your picture will come out. Selfies are even easier to take with the NX mini’s ‘Wink Shot’ function. Once the camera detects your wink, it will take a picture within 2 seconds—no fumbling necessary. ‘Remote View Finder Pro’ will appeal to serious selfie-taking professionals, as well. With this smartphone app, users can control shutter speed, aperture, and even ISO and White Balance when the NX mini is propped up by the Flip Up Touch Display.

Ready when you are
Whether you’re angling to get the Mona Lisa into a shot or capture the sun on the horizon behind you, the Samsung NX mini ensures that everyone will know you were there. Optimized for fast connectivity, the Samsung NX mini features Tag & Go, which allows the NX mini to pair with all NFC-enabled devices like smartphones and tablets, and send photos or photo albums to friends through WiFi or NFC.


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