A Cool Pocket Gadget for Society Junkies: Sprocket


The HP Sprocket Photo Printer is a simple and enjoyable pocket-sized gadget that enables you to get photos off your phone any time and at any place. Of course, you can get it on Amazon where by now it has become a Best Seller.

The mini printer is exceptionally easy to use and prints straight from your phone. Moreover, a few image editing tools bring fun to the otherwise ordinary task.

For people who enjoy spending time with relatives and love to socialize, Sprocket has become a must-have gadget. 

Like with other digital cameras, most photos you take with your phone never make their way into print. That is a pity since your photos are meant to be seen, but not just live in the memory of a device.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer lets you show your work to the world quickly, easily and with a funny twist. It’s small enough to carry in a bag, you don’t have to hassle with ink cartridges and the internal battery lets you print anywhere for immediate photo gratification.

About the size of a deck of cards, the Sprocket is smaller and lighter than most phones you can print from. It is covered in a smooth plastic skin that comes in either basic black or white. Controls are minimal, as well. There’s just a power button, a battery indicator light and a port for the USB charging cable.

Setup couldn’t have been easier. Just charge the Sprocket, connect it to your phone via Bluetooth or NFC and download the free Sprocket app which available for both iOS and Android. Then, you can print shots straight from your phone’s camera roll or connect to your Facebook, Instagram or Flickr accounts. From the app you can even edit your shots with effects like graphics, borders, text and filters before you print. That’s a welcome touch on otherwise strictly practical gadget. You also can share shots via text or email directly from the app.

Printing each wallet-size photo takes about 40 seconds and happens silently. Print quality through the Zink “Zero Ink” technology is just average as some lines could be seen in the prints and the colors are a little muted. But, really, what do you expect from something so small? It’s perfectly fine for having some fun with your camera phone shots. And you never have to replace an ink cartridge.

HP sells the Sprocket for $129.99 across all distributors and even BestBuy doesn’t offer lower price. In the box you get 10 sheets of printer paper, each of which doubles as a sticker when you peel off the back. But if the Sprocket fits your budget, it’s easy to get carried away and you’ll have blast doing it.

Polaroid sells a similar product called the Zip for the same price, but with a couple of extra features and cheaper replacement paper. Kodak’s mini printer is cheaper at $99 and some users say that the pictures are clearer.

We have found a video that explains in details how you can use the HP Sprocket and what you can do wit it.


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