Save Big on Last-Generation Tablets


There is already a number of great Black Friday Deals Week tablet offers online, but discounts are expected to become more generous during the Black Friday sale this Friday. However, the world’s largest retailer now offers a few last-generation tablets with great savings.

Samsung’s newest Galaxy Tab 4 tablet is now available with a discount of $120. Amazon has temporary slashed down its regular price tag of $349.99 to just $229. The device is offered with plenty of free content. The free perks include $10 Google Play credit, three months of SiriusXM Internet Radio, three audiobooks from Audible, 50GB of free Dropbox storage space and many more. The combined price of the entire free content alone is estimated at over $300! With the tablet’s new price, consumers who order Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 from will save nearly $400.

Lenovo Yoga 10+ HD has also become more affordable. Shoppers can now purchase this flexible mobile device for less than $250 and save $100. Since this is one of Lenovo’s newest Yoga tablets, its features and quite up-to-date. As a start, its battery life is 18 hours and it comes with a 20/20 Vision Full HD display and Dolby Audio. Yoga 10+ HD also has a Smart Display, which is very sight-friendly and reduces eye fatigue. Above all, however, this Lenovo Yoga tablet PC has a innovative design that allows consumers to use the device in various modes, like Stand, Hold and Tilt.

The first Android Lollipop device, Google Nexus 9 Tablet, can also be found on Amazon at a lower price. Well, the discount offered by the retailer is only $17.50, which has pushed the gadgets price down to $462.49. Nevertheless, for a tablet PC that has been released just a few weeks ago, that is quite generous. In fact, thanks to this new offer, the 16GB edition of Nexus 9 is already out of stock on Still, the 32GB is still available… for now. Head over to Amazon before it runs out of stock .


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