Bollywood in the Middle of Dubai


After it was announced that Dubai will become the home of new Hollywood-inspired theme park, it is now reported that the emirate will also welcome the world of Bollywood, again in the form of a theme park facility.

The project is called simply Bollywood Parks Dubai and it will cover a massive area of 3 million square feet. The large facility will be located in Jebel Ali and it will be backed up by some of Mumbai’s biggest film studios, like Hall of Heroes, Bollywood Film Studios, Rustic Ravine, Mumbai Chowk and Regal Plaza.

Although it is not yet clear which Bollywood productions will be among the main inspirations behind it, the theme park will feature five different movie-themed zones. In addition to that, there will also be 16 attractions and rides, which Bollywood fans would certainly appreciate. There will also be a number of themed restaurants and retail stores around the park.

As soon as visitors pass through the entrance of the theme park, they will set foot on “”Bollywood Boulevard.” According to the project’s developer, this will be an area where Bollywood fans will be greeted by dance performers and will have the opportunity to interact with their favourite movie characters, as well as to enjoy street theater performances.

Bollywood Parks Dubai will actually be part of Phase 1 of Dubai Parks & Resorts together with two other theme-parks projects that were also announced over the last few days – motiongateTM and LEGOLAND. MotiongateTM will be more like a Hollwyood-inspired theme park. Some of the blockbusters that will be used as an inspirationfor this park include “Ghostbusters,” “Hotel Transylvania,” “The Green Hornet,” “The Smurfs,” as well as “Underwold.”

Phase 1 of Dubai Parks & Resorts is predicted to be completed in 2016. The entire project was first announced back in 2012 and its estimated cost is $2.77 billion or AED 10 billion. Its aim will be to help Dubai realize its plan to attract 20 million tourists by 2020.


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