Lady Gaga in Dubai – Star’s Pre-Concert Demands


The countdown to Lady Gaga’s first concert in the UAE is nearly over. The singer will perform in Dubai on September 10 as part of her ArtRave: The Artpop Ball Tour. Earlier this week, Gaga sent out a special message to her UAE fans saying that she cannot wait to take the stage in Dubai for the first time.

Like every big celebrity, Lady Gaga has an extensive list of demands for each of her concerts during the tour. So, what the diva’s Dubai list contain? We cannot know for sure. However, we will offer you a list of the singer’s most common demands. Many of them will probably count in Dubai, as well.

Food and Drinks

Lady Gaga’s choice of food today is much healthier compared to a few years ago. The singer’s rider list during her 2009 – 2010 tour features a large assortment of soda drinks. Lately, however, Mother Monster prefers to sip water and eat cheese. One of her more specific food-related demands is for peanut butter that has flax seed and contains no more than 4 grams of sugar. In addition, the singer consumes different types of food every day of the week. For instance, Monday is her BBQ night, whereas Tuesday is dedicated to Asian cuisine. On Wednesdays she sticks to Mexican food and on Saturdays – to pasta meals. Unfortunately, Gaga has no Arabian food day, but she would probably not miss the opportunity to taste some of Dubai’s tasty temptations. The day of Lady Gaga’s concern it the UAE is September 10 – Wednesday, which means that the performer will enjoy a special Turkey dinner.


The “Poker Face” singer seems to adore satin, since she wants it all over her room. The singer’s tour rider list includes silver satin sheets, as well as drapes from black satin. Also, she is a great fan of art, but with a tour name like ArtRave that is not hard to guess. Lady Gaga demands to have posters of Elton John, David Bowie and Queen in her room, as well as some fan art for extra pre-concert inspiration. The atmosphere in the room is completed with lavender, white or yellow roses all of which must be fresh. Last, but not least, she likes to have couches made of white leather in her room.

Dressing Room

Honey is one of the things that should always be present in the singer’s dressing room. That makes sense since honey relaxes the vocal chords. In addition to that, Lady Gaga’s dressing room should be equipped with… an oxygen tank.

Lady Gaga’s list of tour demands is long. Still, it is not as strange as the rider lists of some of her colleagues. Cher, for example, wants a separate room for her wigs. Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, wants everything in her room to be in white.

Lady Gaga’s concert in Dubai will take place on September 10, at the Meydan Racecourse. Fans are promised to get a great concert experience, since the entire show will be cooled by an innovative cooling system.


  1. Most of the allegations made here are written blindly and unrealisticly and without solid proof.

    As gaga herself has recently instagramed a few images from her hotel room and there doesn’t seem to be any “silver satin sheets” or “black statin” draped anywhere and as her diet is concerned I don’t think she genuinely cares the grams of sugar and flax seeds are in a her peanut butter as there are no flax seeds in peanut butter to begin with and she is may I remind everyone on a world wide global tour so the last of her worries should be seeds in her butter.

    I’d prefer to get better news reported and more specifically accurate news from this “well reliable” website of yours.

    Thank you and have a great day 🙂


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