Top Work-Life Balance Jobs


One of the main tendencies influencing modern-day job seekers’ choice of a career is closely related to work-life balance jobs. Jobs that do not require the sacrifice of one’s personal life are climbing up on many people’s wish lists. However, it is hard to tell whether a particular job can truly give the chance to balance your work and your life, let alone the happiness aspect. That is probably why Glassdoor has conducted a survey focused on this topic in an attempt to find the best rated work-life balance jobs. The results are out and the best work-life balance jobs are:

  • Data scientist
  • SEO specialist
  • Tour guide
  • Lifeguard
  • Social media manager
  • Group fitness instructor
  • User experience designer
  • Corporate communications
  • Firefighters
  • Equity trader

As you can see, technology-related jobs dominate this ranking. Data scientists were found to enjoy the top work-life balance, followed by SEO specialists. People working this jobs have shared that they are quite satisfied with their work schedules. In the same category are also social media managers. Although this is a rather new profession, it is reported that it does not involve high levels of stress. Well, automation tools will probably make this job position even more attractive in the near future.

However, one of the world’s most stressful professions also found a place on Glassdoor’s ranking – firefighter. Even though, this job is extremely dangerous and workdays are always unpredictable, its work-life balance rating is more than impressive, for some reason.

Working in the tourism industry or at least near tourists was also discovered to offer employees a chance to find the golden mean between work and life. Among the professions which represent this sector are tour guides (3), and lifeguards (4). That could be explained with the fact that, in most of the cases, these jobs are seasonal. That means that there are often periods of huge workload, followed by a weeks-long break or a low season.

Being the temp also has its benefits. Although the ranking does not include teachers, it does mention substitute teachers and tutors (17). Other jobs with attractive work-life balance qualities, which were included further down the list, are law clerk (11), administrative assistant (13), sales representative (15), carpenter (18), real estate broker (19), as well as game designer (20).

However, if you plan to make a career in one of these areas, keep in mind that there may not be such a thing as ideal work-life balance. Even the top-rated jobs on this list failed to receive the maximum score of 5 points, which stand for “Very Satisfied.”


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