European-inspired Dubai Outlet Village


Construction activities in Dubai are at all-time high, with cranes standing tall everywhere across the city. People often wonder who will live in all of the new buildings and shop around in the countless boutiques and stores. But the diversity of new projects is somewhat reassuring as it offers something new for everyone, be it a mid-range hotel, amusement park or a dedicated shopping arcade.

outlet-village1One of the most anticipated developments which is expected to be completed by the end of this year is the Dubai Outlet Village. Although it will be focused on outlet shopping as its name suggests, the project is unique because it will offer strictly high-end brands and established fashion labels’ clothing for less.

The inspiration behind the projects is the the concept of outlet villages located near some of Europe’s biggest cities. And in true shopaholic fashion, Dubai Outlet Village will focus not only on the bargain hunting, but also on the complete shopping experience. It will attract fashionistas with affordable luxury products, as well as with pleasant atmosphere.

The facility will include restaurants, cafes, VIP lounges, as well as many other additional services like a kids play area, for instance. So, visitors will have the opportunity not only to find coveted branded pieces in one place, but to also take a break during their shopping spree and enjoy a quick snack, while their children will not get bored gut entertained.

Construction of this interesting project started last year and the developer behind it is Meraas. At the current stage, the village is designed to feature 160 outlet shops, all of which will offer last-season collections from popular luxury brands. Dubai Outlet Village will cover a massive area of 20,000 square meters, which can easily be equated to the size of the real-life small European village.

dubai-outlet-mallThis will be not be the first outlet mall in the United Arab Emirates. Back in 2007, a similar facility called Dubai Outlet Mall opened doors in Dubai. Even though it enjoys better revenues on year-on-year basis, it continues to operate under the shadow of the more traditional malls in Dubai.

Dubai Outlet Village, however, is predicted to enjoy a greater success. Unlike Dubai Outlet Mall, it will consist only of luxury outlet boutiques. Also, it will not be located in the outskirts of the city, which will make it much more accessible. One thing is certain – Outlet Village will further cement Dubai’s reputation of one of the world’s shopping hubs. Perhaps, it will even become one of the city’s main attractions.

Although the construction of the Outlet Village started in 2013, it is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.



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