Fitness Tourism – The Biggest Vacation Craze for Summer 2014


Fitness tourism is among the hottest of all new holiday trends in recent years.

What is fitness tourism?

Do not assume that a fitness tourism means to spend your holiday locked in a gym with sweaty people. Just like other types of vacations, this one also involves luxury resorts and exotic travel destinations. However, instead of encouraging all-day-long sunbathing, it promotes active lifestyle and wellbeing, which in turn keep maintain balanced happiness levels. For example, vacationers can participate in sports sessions dedicated to surfing, basketball or even kayaking. There are also other, more laid-back options like yoga or Pilates classes. In addition, fitness vacation packages often include a healthy and light breakfast, or even all-inclusive plan.

Where is it popular?

The popularity of fitness tourism has seen an immense increase over the past few years. The countries that were among the first to welcome this trend were the U.S., Australia and part of Latin America, like Mexico and Peru. However, many European luxury resorts and spas have also started to open up to this type of tourism. Also, different regions seem to be specializing in different kinds of fitness vacations. For example, U.S. fitness packs tend to focus on outdoor adventures like surfing or even climbing. Those in Latin America, on the other hand, combine the physical health with spiritual health. As a result, fitness packages offered there frequently combine sports activities with yoga and spa.

What are the advantages?

Fitness tourism has more advantages that you can imagine. First, it will help you stay in a good shape. That changes the entire vacation cycle, right? In most cases, people spend months before their summer holiday dieting and trying to get back to their beach body. However, with fitness vacations, you do not have to waste time and resources on that. Second, you will not feel lazy and sluggish once you get back to your work schedule, which is usually the case after a one-week vacation. That is because you will stay active during your holiday and when you return to your workplace, you will feel more energized than ever.

What are the disadvantages?

Many people assume that a fitness vacation is something like a boot camp, where discipline is tough and you are constantly required to jump, build up muscles and follow an impossibly strict diet. That, however, is not true. Although the phrase fitness vacation contains the word “fitness,” it also followed by “vacation.” Therefore, these things are perfectly balanced in a way that will allow the vacationer to both remain active, but relax and enjoy the holiday. This means that there are practically no disadvantages.

If you are still skeptical towards fitness tourism and new vacation trends, simply try to remember that they are just a subtype of a wellness holiday, but not an extravagant trend.


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