Mother’s Day in 2014


Mother’s Day is an occasion which is marked in nearly every country. No matter where they live and no matter in what they believe, people all over the world follow one similar tradition – to honour motherhood.

When is Mother’s Day celebrated?

Despite that, Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates all over the world. Many countries mark Mother’s Day in March. Among them are mainly countries from the Middle East (like the UAE, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait and Egypt), as well as a few from Europe (the United Kingdom, Ireland, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Norway and Ukraine). Others, prefer to organize the holiday in the spring.

However, May seems to be the most popular month for Mother’s Day celebrations. Many countries mark the holiday on the second Sunday in May. But what is truly impressive is not the number of the countries that celebrate in May, but the fact that they are set in different regions of the world. From the United States and Jamaica to Italy, Hong Kong and Zimbabwe – this tradition is observed on May’s second Sunday. This year, they will all mark Mother’s Day on 11 May.

Mother’s Day Traditions

The world celebrates Mother’s Day not only on various dates, but it also observes various traditions on this holiday. People in Canada and China, for instance, give their mothers a flower as a sign of their appreciation and love. Australians prefer one specific flower – the chrysanthemum. That is because its name ends in “mum.” In Bangladesh, however, both governmental and non-governmental organization hold cultural programs and events dedicated to Mother’s Day. A number of countries in Eastern Europe, on the other hand, celebrate International Women’s Day instead of Mother’s Day. As a result, all ladies living there enjoy special treatment on this date.

But the most popular Mother’s Day tradition seems to be gift-giving. It is so widely spread that in some countries it is even viewed a commercialized holiday. That is the case in Brazil, where Mother’s Day is the second most profitable holiday for retailers after Christmas.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, Trends and Alternatives

The presents for Mother’s Day vary from handmade and sentimental to high-tech and high-cost. Young children like to give their mums a card for the holiday or to draw them a picture. Adults, on the other hand, prefer to buy them little accessories like jewellery or a shawl. Another popular idea is framed family photos. They are non-expensive, but highly valued.

Still, the latest trend involves technology-related Mother’s Day gifts. While that may sounds pricey, technology companies and retailers are lately competing in offering the best value possible. As a result, there is a sense of Black Friday in the air in some countries. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are the hottest devices on the market and, over the past few years, they get even hotter on Mother’s Day.

Gift cardsare also gaining popularity. They are no longer regarded as an unthoughtful gift. This is a huge advantage since they make the ideal last-minute Mother’s Day present. In addition, they can be redeemed for a many products and services allowing mums to get what they really need and want.

If you are planning to mark Mother’s Day in 2014, remember that a nice gift will not be enough. If you really want to warm the heart of your mum and make her feel loved and appreciated, make sure you spend some time with her. Take her out to a lunch or simply visit her.


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