Celebrity Social Media Tactics Which Brands Should Adopt


Celebrities’ social media pages and accounts are always the most followed and liked. No brand can match their success. Yet, it can also be said that Hollywood stars are brands themselves. However, instead of clients or consumers, they have fans and instead of promoting products and services, they promote themselves. Thats why it makes sense for brands to steal a few of the celebrities social media tricks. After we browsed through some of the most popular social pages, we outlined five winning social media tactics on which stars like to rely.

Be the Voice of Your Brand

Do not let third-party experts dictate your posts. HootSuite, which by the way now offers a Free 30 Day Trial of HootSuite Pro, it may be more damaging than helpful to brands! If you are having difficulties coming up with creative content, you can hire experts for advice. However, never let them be the ones in charge. Some of the most viral celebrity posts were authentic. People like to feel as if they are interacting directly with the source and not a PR team. TV host and comedian Jimmy Fallon follows this strategy and he even likes to discuss his own social media experiences and observations on his show.

Treat Followers with Exclusive Promotional Content

This is one of great way to advertise your brand and your social page too. When Beyoncé released a surprise album in December, she first told her social media followers. Also, the singer even shared various exclusive video and photos from her upcoming music videos. This tactic will encourage people to follow and like your accounts. After all, social media is about sharing new information. Old news would not do.

Raise the Curtain

Give your clients a peek behind the curtains. Do not bombard them with posts about your products, services or marketing campaigns. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, know how to promote themselves. However, they also leave place for some personal posts. Kanye’s fiancée is an avid fan of Throwback Thursday (#TBT) posts on Twitter and she post personal oldies of herself and her family every week. Also, she likes to answer fan’s question on a regular basis. Brands can adopt this strategy by publishing photos which show the current office atmosphere or introduces a new addition to the team.

Be Entertaining

Some Hollywood stars like to entertain their fans by posting funny pictures, jokes or video that sometimes have little to do with them. Such is the case with writer and comedian Rob Delaney. He has more than 1 million followers on Twitter alone even though he is not a media personality. Actress Betty White also drops a funny joke every now and then. However, she also likes to remind her fans on her latest projects.

Find Your Signature

But being like everyone else will just make you look like a copycat. The trick is to create your own signature and to add a personality to your brand’s social media activity. Lady Gaga, for example, is known as a scandalous and odd individual. The singer tends to stick to this image on her social accounts. That makes her unique and allows her to stand out from the rest. However, avoid learning from Madonna. The singer floods her social media accounts with a strange mixture of provocative and philanthropic posts and pictures. Usually, those things do not go together and followers might end up abandoning the ship.

Following in the steps of celebrities, when it comes to marketing and branding, might sound strange. However, it can also be surprisingly effective in attracting new clients.


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