New Anti-Aging Breakthrough Takes Away 20 Years off Your Face


If you’ve tried traditional creams, lotions, and serums that promise to make you look younger, you should already know that anti-aging creams have a limited, short-term effect and often unpleasant side effects. But a brand-new product revealed by Dr.Oz is now causing a true anti-aging revolution, offering to take away 20 years off your face within weeks!

Dr.Oz Show often highlights the problem of aging and offers women various methods tricking time. We all know how hard it is to keep your look younger and often creams and face lifts simply doesn’t work. Instead of turning to plastic surgery and similarly invasive and expensive facelifts, Dr.Oz recommends a natural, safe and effective way to battle wrinkles and fine lines – phytoceramides. Cetramides are a type of lipids, found in the skin’s membrane and responsible for maintaining the proper hydration. Basically, they prevent sagging and wrinkles from occurring, but as we age, their concentration in our skin is reduced. That’s why the skin gets dry, itchy and wrinkled and elasticity decreases.


According to Dr. Oz’s guests, the two surgeons Dr. Shirley Madhere and Dr. Leif Rogers, phytoceramides are incredibly effective alternative to traditional anti-aging treatments, cosmetic procedures and surgeries. Available in the form of oral supplements, they hydrate the skin from the inside out and increase the collagen levels, which contribute to natural young appearance. Phytoceramides improve the feel and look of dry, red, rough and itchy skin and after several weeks of regular use, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced. The supplement also increases collagen production and improves elasticity; so as a result, your skin is smoother, fresh and glowing, and decades younger.

The best thing about this new supplement is that is derived from plants such as rice, potatoes or wheat, so it’s perfectly safe, natural and doesn’t cause any side effects or allergies. To avoid gluten intolerance, choose phytoceramides that come from rise and in all cases, look for high-quality, certified products, enriched with additional vitamins for better results.

Who doesn’t want to feel and look younger?



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