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Scientists Discovered Fountain of Youth

Humankind has always strived for immortality though doing a heroic feat, writing a timeless poem, or making a life-changing discovery. Immortality has always belonged...

New Anti-Aging Breakthrough Takes Away 20 Years off Your Face

If you’ve tried traditional creams, lotions, and serums that promise to make you look younger, you should already know that anti-aging creams have a...

Where to Buy Roc Skincare in Dubai

Keeping your skin clean and glowing is the first step to beauty. That is why it is important to carefully pick the skincare products...

Sixty Seconds Interview with a Beauty Expert

Beauty is my passion Dr Venera Salakhova is a professional dermatologist. She is from Russia, but lives in Dubai since 2005. Dr Salakhova recently co-founded...

Aging reversed with modern technology and professional skills

Dr Venera Salakhova became very popular as trusted expert in anti-aging treatments, skin maintenance and rejuvenation.

Top 20 ways to live longer

Living longer is one of the greatest benefits of leading a healthy active lifestyle and life expectancy for both men and women has continued to rise with improvements in diet, awareness and medical care.

According to scientists human lifespan is increasing

In a lecture organized by the Centre of Information Affairs in Abu Dhabi, Dr. Sergei Scherbov, the leader of research group "Population Dynamics...