Social Media Etiquette for Businesses


Social media platforms may serve as a great marketing tool for businesses. That, however, is true only when companies and brands follow the social media etiquette for businesses. This includes not only specific marketing strategies, but also some vital social media etiquette dos and don’ts. Often they are similar to those for average web users. However, there are some rules that are only related to business. Here are ten of the most important rules of social media etiquette for businesses to which you should always stick.

Have a different social media profile for your personal and business connections – There is no point in trying to turn your friends into your clients. Try to keep the two worlds separated. As the old saying goes: Do not mix business with pleasure. No good can come out of that.

Offer a detailed and relevant profile information – Fill in the description box of your business social media account in a detailed and informative way. Say something about your company, as well as your position and role in it. That will save you a lot of time when communicating with your clients. In addition, that will make you look more professional. Also, use your own photo and real name.

Do not publish posts with poor spelling or grammar – If there is something consumers do not like, this is it! No one will take you seriously if your comments and posts are filled with spelling or grammar mistakes. One way to avoid that is to first write your updates in a World document. In that way, you will see whether or not you have any mistakes and fix them before it is too late.


  1. Nice blog post. I think it is important for businesses to define a social media policy to ensure every one is   aware of what they should be saying. Colleagues need to remember they are presenting a business and not themselves.t


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