2013 Trends in Christmas Gift Giving


Christmas-gift-for-womanChristmas gift giving is a great holiday tradition. By gifting people get to show their appreciation to those closest to their heart and mind. However, running out of good Christmas gifts ideas is something that could happen to anyone. When that happens, you can always follow the latest Christmas gift giving trends. Here are the most popular trends for Christmas gift giving in 2013. All of the gift ideas are appropriate for different kinds of individuals, so you can’t go wrong if you follow up.


Technology continues to remain a top Christmas pick even after two decades of market domination. This year, consumers will focus on different technology products, like tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles. Although previous models always come at a lower price, the majority of consumers will be more interested in the latest gadgets. Children, in particular, will be one of the most common receives of high-tech holiday presents this season.

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Christmas Stocking Stuffers

These are small and affordable gifts. They can be a good choice for kids. If you don’t know what stocking stuffers to get them, go for inexpensive items like DVDs with animated films or games, stickers, T-shirts or pens with their favourite cartoon character. Although quite modest, these Christmas gifts will be appreciated by anyone.


Surprising someone with a Christmas decoration for Christmas has become a popular practice. The biggest hit among them will be wreaths. You can even make things more special by engraving the ornament with the name of the present’s receiver. If you are a parent, you can encourage your kids to follow this trend. However, instead of buying decorations, your children can actually make them by hand.

Gift Cards

Those of you, who do not have the time to pick gifts can simply purchase their friends and family gift cards. Today, there are various gift card options. For instance, you can purchase a card that can be used in a brick-and-mortar store or even for a travel vacation and virtual goods. Another big advantage of gift cards is that they can be very affordable. They usually have cover a value between $10 to $50. In addition, gift cards offer more choices to their recipients. Among the most popular gift cards are Amazon’s gift cards, but you can also check MyHabit.com and 6pm.com.

Small Treats

Small delicious snacks like chocolates, nuts and dried fruit are another hot Christmas gift trend. It has been around for a while. The treats are usually given to the hosts or to children. It a perfect option for holiday dinners, where you can show your appreciation to the hosts through a tasty present. Nevertheless, make sure the receiver of these gifs consumes them after the holiday dinner.
The holiday season could be really easy and fun if you follow our Christmas gift giving trends! Their biggest power is that they can make anyone happy! Just try…


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