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The Best Christmas Gift for Teenagers


Teens can be difficult to shop for, but when it comes to gifts, your task may become impossible. Of course, girls love clothes and fashion accessories and boys are crazy about computers and electronic gadgets, but those can be bought every day. Well, we have an idea about the best Christmas gift for teenagers, one that neither boys nor girls will be able to resist – the recently released fourth book of the Heroes of Olympus hit series.

Book four of the famous “Heroes of Olympus”, called “The House of Hades” just came out in hardcover and as an electronic book. You might have never heard of it, but children and teenagers around the world have anticipated its release for a year. It tells the story of a 21-century troubled 12-year-old boy with dyslexia and ADHD who happens to be a demigod. Son of Poseidon (Neptune in the book), Percy has to fight with other gods, Minotaurs, monsters, Furies and other mythical creatures to protect himself and his friends. Of course, the book is full adventures, action and mystery, so it’s great experience for every kid. While it may be not the best thing to buy a second grade boy or a girl, it’s perfect for teenagers – the main character is a teenage demigod with superhuman powers after all. Moreover, throughout the series and in this book in particular, Percy Jackson and his friend Annabeth Chase, have shown very charming romantic feelings for each other.

Many tend to compare the stories about Harry Potter and those about Percy Jackson, but they are quite different. While the first books about the little wizard are perfect for even 7-8 year olds, the “Heroes of Olympus” is a little bit serious and packed with violence and cruelty. Don’t worry – the author has done a great job in balancing adventure, violence and fun. It’s just the perfect dose for kids above the age of 10 and it makes a lot more sense than the currently very popular (and just as shallow) romantic vampire stories. Moreover, “The House of Hades” will restore the love of reading in your kids, making them true fans of ancient Greek mythology. Don’t be surprised if your son after reading about Percy Jackson’s adventures, start making regular visits to the library.

Many parents will prefer buying their young adults fun and pampering gifts for this Christmas, no doubt about that. But books are not just objects; they spark the imagination and dare you to be more brave and curious about life. Now, “The House of Hades” is available at Amazon in both paper cover and as a Kindle edition, so if you want to make an impression and score big as the coolest mom or dad, visit the retailer and get it for Christmas.



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