Microsoft Addresses Xbox One Hardware Problem


Microsoft released its long-anticipated console Xbox One last Friday, on November 22. The good news around the device was it reportedly managed to sell in over 1 million units for less than 24 hours. The bad news is that among them were also a few broken consoles.

Various consumers report that their Xbox One devices are not working properly. Forums and online shopping websites are filled with negative feedback from buyers.

The issue is hard to identify, since it practically differs from user to user. Nevertheless, the most common of them seems to be a problem with the console’s disk drive. The drives do not actually ruin the disk. However, they make a terrible grinding noise. In addition, the console is unable to read the contents on the disks.

Another problem with new Xbox has to do with HDMI. Some consumers report that after a couple of days of use, their TV input locked up their signal.

This is more than unpleasant for Xbox One owners. However, such issues are not uncommon. Just think about PlayStation 4 which was launched two weeks ago. Some PS4 units also came with hard drive issues.

Despite that, the problem seems to be affecting a big part of Xbox One users. Nearly one-third of the reviews on Amazon have only one star. For the majority of them, this is due to a hardware issue.

Microsoft released two statements to IGN addressing the Xbox One problems. In the first one, the company asked Xbox One users to contact Amazon and have their consoles replaced. That was because Microsoft could only offer a repair to the affected consumers, which would take a lot of time.

In the second statement, however, Microsoft informed that the issues is affecting a “very small number” of Xbox One users. Microsoft also informed that it will replace all faulty consoles “as soon as possible.” However, the technology giant did not specify how soon that might be. So, those who want to replace their broken console will probably need to wait for a while.


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