Buying PlayStation 4? Here is what you need to know


Buying PlayStation 4 may not have been on everyones agenda until the last Friday, when the gaming console was officially released by Sony. The company officially launched the hotly anticipated device, but the problem is that it sells so fast that you can’t actually get one unless you pay double price. The original price for PlayStation 4: Launch Edition is set at $399, which is more affordable in comparison to the upcoming Xbox One, for example.

To complicate buyers choice further, the company announced a number of PlayStation 4: Launch Edition Bundles and keeps adding more.

Therefore, consumers should research the topic in order to make a the right choice of device. In this article, we will summarize all the things you need to consider before buying PlayStation 4. Many “lucky” first buyers report issues with their consoles over the past two days mainly because they don’t know how to operate it.
What Comes with PS4?

The PS4 box include one DualShock 4 controller with power and an HDMI cables. There is also a micro-USB cable in the box, which is used for charging. In addition, gamers will get a mono headset, which can be used for voice chatting.

Here are the things you need to know about these items. The HDMI cable will not work with older TVs. So, unless you have the latest TV set, you may not be able to use this cable. Another fact you should consider is that the controller in this box will come with a charging cable. However, those you buy later will not have one. Therefore, unless you have a spare USB cable at home, you will need to get one too.

The Patch

As soon as you open the box, you will see that the console needs a patch. Through it, you will unlock a big part of the top features of the device, like Vita synchronization, sharing games on the web, as well as downloading new games in the background. Those of you who want to play Blu-rays and DVDs will also need it. The patch will require a storage space of about 300MB.

There Will be 23 PS4 Games… at First

When the device is first launched, gamers will be only able to choose between 23 different games. Despite that, they will be quite diverse and among them will be Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack. In addition, a big part of the game titles for PS4 will be also available for other gaming devices. Such is the case with Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Need for Speed: Rivals, and Battlefield 4.

Nevertheless, the console will arrive with five exclusive indie games on the very day of its release. PlayStation 4 users can also expect new games monthly. In a few weeks, there will be even more titles for the console, among which will be Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV and Minecraft.

In other words, if games are patient, they will have the opportunity to enjoy many new PS4 games.

Hard Drive Limitation

The fourth-generation of Sony’s PlayStation will have a 500GB hard drive. That is a huge upgrade compared to its predecessors. However, we should not forget that over the last few years, games have also grown in size. Some of the top titles will require a space of around 40GB. In addition, to install them on the console, you will need a disk. This is a bad news, since the device will not support external hard drives.

Sharing and Streaming

The sharing and streaming option of PlayStation 4 will be plenty. For example, the DualShock 4 controller will have a share button. The console itself, on the other hand, will have a “Game DVR” function which will record the last 15 minutes of gameplay. Also, gamers will be able make screenshots and edit their videos on the console. The recorded materials can then be shared on Twitch and Ustream, as well as on the different social networks, like Twitter and Facebook.

However, not all websites will be compatible with PS4 (at least, not in the beginning). As a result, users will not be able to share their videos on YouTube or even on their personal computers.

The PlayStation Camera Does Some Things a Kinect Can Do

Xbox One’s new Kinect is strongly advertised right now. The device will be included in the box of the new-generation Xbox. That is not the case with Sony’s PlayStation 4 Camera. It will be sold for $60 separately from the console. Nevertheless, its functionality is slightly more impressive than that of Xbox One’s Kinect. It cannot only recognize gestures and voice, but also the players’ faces and positions. As a result, even if the gamers switch their positions, the device will have no problem detecting them.

Vita Remote Play

PS4 will support synchronization with PlayStation Vita. When the two devices are connected, the portable console can be used a TV screen. This will easily allow gamers to turn off their living room TV and move to a different room, for instance.

It Won’t Play Nice With Your Media

PlayStation 3 had one huge advantage – it could play various media files and formats, including MP3s and CDs. Sadly, PS4 will not support this function. Nevertheless, after Sony receive a lot of negative feedback on that matter, the company’s president Shuhei Yoshida shared that PlayStation 4 developer will do their best to find a solution for this issue as fast as they can. So, this may be only a temporary problem.

To Take Full Advantage of PS4’s Features, You Will Need PlayStation Plus

This is an annual membership service which comes at a price of $50 per year. PS4 users will need this service if they want to play online with their friends. It will be also necessary if you want to download game updates automatically while the device is suspended. In addition, PlayStation Plus members will get 1GB of cloud storage, which is a great bonus.

Despite that, you will still be able to use many features of the new console without PlayStation Plus, like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, as well as to stream games on Twitch and Ustream and to share recorded gameplay on Facebook.

Hopefully, this information will help you decide whether PS4 is a good option for you. Like most electronic devices, Sony’s new console has its advantages and disadvantages. However, different gamers search for different experiences. So, it is up to you to make the final choice.


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