Top Social Media Trends That Will Mark 2014


Industry experts already issue prognoses on the upcoming social media trends for 2014. Next year promises to continue with the development of the already established trends. In addition, we will witness how some social networks rise, while others fall.

Social Media Becomes More Visual Than Ever

With the launch and the rising popularity of platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, it became clear that web users are attracted more by visual content. Images and visuals are also taking over all other social websites, like Facebook, for example. In 2014, social media platforms that focus on visual content will join forces with all other social sites. Cross-platform sharing and embedding will become something common. Although most businesses tend to shy away from visual platforms, they will need to start using them in 2014… that is, if they want to stay relevant.

Micro-Video Social Websites Gain Domination

Social media service Vine became a sensation so quickly, that even Instagram decided to roll out micro-video options. The popularity of this type of social platforms will further grow next year. The reason is that short videos are entertaining for the user. Also, they take little time to watch. However, their biggest advantage is that they are easy to load and watch on any smart mobile device.

Facebook Becomes a Business Hub

Facebook may have started out as a network for college kids, but it may soon turn into a business platform. In 2013, we saw how the social network introduced various features and services which were entirely business-oriented. Therefore, marketers will continue to pick Facebook over other social media websites. In addition, the platform will probably continue to launch new tools and functions for businesses. It will probably improve its insight and analytics tools, because it acquired Threadsy earlier in 2013.

Google+ on the Rise

Even though Google+ is not the most active social network to be on in many parts of the world including Dubai, it will grow in numbers. The numbers of users of Google’s social websites have already jumped. That is mainly thanks to the fact that the search engine almost automatically creates a G+ profile of its users.

Foursquare on the Fall

We are sorry to deliver the news, but Foursquare may experience a big downfall in 2014. That is due to the fact that nearly all social network sites today offer location-based services and location tagging. At one point, it will become easier to directly list your location directly from the social website you are currently using than from Foursquare.

Social Platforms Get More Diverse

The top social websites in 2014 will probably continue to be Facebook, Twitter and Google+. However, social media users are no longer limiting themselves to just one social platform. They are everywhere. Check Dubai Chronicle editor’s Pinterest account for example. That is why, businesses will be forced to establish presence on sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. This will simply become a necessity next year.

There will be surely other unexpected social media trends that will occur in 2014. However, these will be the main ones. Therefore, businesses and marketers should recognize them starting today.


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