Top Content Marketing Trends for 2014


Content marketing has turned into an inseparable part of any business today. In fact, it is now considered as one of the most important aspects of a company’s marking strategy. More than half of the businesses today rely on inbound marketing. This includes social media platforms, videos, blogs and newsletters. Because of that, content marketing is here to stay. However, the trends in the field will evolve. That is mainly due to the fact that consumers now prefer information that focuses more on them. In addition, they show more interest in the genuine kind of communication offered by content marketing.

More on Content Marketing

For those of you, who are not familiar with the term “content marketing,” we will take the time to provide them with some information on the topic. With this type of marketing, businesses offer important content or information to their consumers (both current and potential). Through it, they establish their brand, they spread awareness about it, build trust and leave a positive impression. If a content marketing campaign becomes successful enough, it can make a company a leader on the market. It also helps establishing long-term business partnerships and relations. In other words, content marketing tries to build relationships and not to simply increase sales.

They are various forms of content marketing. They can consist of email newsletters, blog posts, podcasts, e-books, social media posts, white papers, PowerPoint presentations, webinars, micro-videos (e.g. Instagram and Vine) and others.

Now, when you know the true meaning of content marketing, let’s take a look at some of the biggest trends in this sector in 2014.

1. Companies Will Finally Understand the Essence of Content Marketing

As it was already pointed out, nearly 60% of all companies, rely on content marketing in their marketing strategy. Despite that, now many of them know what content marketing actually is. However, in 2014, businesses will have a better understanding on this type of marketing. For example, more of them will recognize its importance. Also, they will learn how to use it connection with the company’s own goals. From a popular phrase, content marketing will finally turn into something that will have a real meaning for businesses.

2. Content Marketing Specialist – Most Demanded Job in Marketing

After the awareness of this type of marketing increases, companies will invest more in content marketing strategies. Businesses will also invest more on content creation. Greater departmental and company-wide support will mean more of the budget being designated for content creation and publishing. As a result, business will spend more on content marketing managers. Those companies, which fail to follow this trend, will risk their future.

The 2013 State of Inbound Marketing report by HubSpot, has found that businesses that recognize the need for content marketing specialist employees witness lower costs in customer acquisition compared to those that do not. When a company’s content marketing is not distributed by specialists, the final result is pricier and not very effective.

3. Successful Content Marketing Strategies Go Mobile

It is expected that mobile technology will replace desktop computers in only two years. That is why companies need to include mobile into their content marketing strategy. The fact that Google changed its search engine algorithm, only takes things one step towards this direction. More and more people would want to access and use content on the go. That will create the need for shorter blog post and mobile-friendly design.

4. SAAS Software and Companies Will Help Estimating Content Marketing ROI

The results of content marketing often take different time to reach their destination. That is why, business will find it hard to measure and track ROI. They will need to understand that sometimes content marketing strategies need to be estimated over longer time periods and in a more general manner.

Different SAAS software and companies will show up on the market. They will try to assist businesses in estimating the ROI of their content marketing strategy. CEOs will want to see the true effects of their company’s content marketing campaign. As a result, SAAS software companies will get very popular. One company we do not recommend is Effective Measure.

5. Companies Will Try Out in Automated Content Marketing and Will Fail

Content marketing will probably always include a lot of labour and efforts. However, in 2014, companies will do their best to make this type of marketing automated. Despite that, they will fail. The reason is that automated content marketing leads to low-quality content. This can have a very negative effect on any business since it pushes clients away. Content marketing’s core is focusing on the consumer and creating a personal relationship with him or her. That cannot happen if this process is automated.

6. Google+ and Slideshare to Play a Key Role in B2B Content Marketing

A research by the Content Marketing Institute has discovered that B2B marketers are relying more on social media websites for content marketing compared to one year ago. In 2014, Google+ is expected to register a growth. Therefore, the social network may quickly become popular for content sharing and publishing. Companies will recognize the role of Authorship and Google Author Rank, which will also be among the top trends in the SEO field next year.

Slideshare will, too, remain a main aspect of content sharing. That is clear from the fact that in just e year, the site’s popularity as a content distribution tool jumped with 37%.

7. Brick-and-Mortar Businesses will Gain a Lot from Location-Based Content Marketing

It is a common knowledge that mobile devices are enjoying the love of the consumers. Because of that, smartphones which support GPS will be widely used for providing location details and details on personal preference. As a consequence, businesses will be able to send out flash deals to their customers. The sales of brick-and-mortar companies that do not follow this trend will see a decrease.

Therefore, companies which adopt technology innovations will have a better market position in 2014. The key is to invest more mobile-friendly content and marketing strategies that include mobile content.


Next year, companies will need to spend more on content marketing. CEOs will also need to recognize the leading role which content marketing plays in business. Once that happens, creating and distributing content marketing strategies will become quite easy.


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