Five-star event deserves a 5-star service


During the past few days, New Media Group’s team covered one the hottest fashion events in the Middle East – the second season of Fashion Forward. The event was promoted as very significant for the industry, flashy and glamorous. And it was! In addition, it has the ambitious goal to inspire and nurture fashion industry growth, as well as the regional talents.

In fact, Fashion Forward offered visitors and participants plenty valuable information about the business of fashion and entertaining fashion shows. It is a really rare opportunity to see so many fashion experts in one place and in a few days only.

Despite that, there is something that does not fit into the picture. Although Fashion Forward has a status of a 5-star event, the service Medinat Jumeirah provided was a way bellow the five star.

When our team decided to enjoy a meal in the open-air cafe outside Joharah ballroom, we were utterly astounded by the food we were served. Cakes and sandwiches were offered in plastic containers, which were accompanied by plastic forks and knives. Similar food you can buy at the petrol station and it is even packed better. As you can imagine, the taste and appearance had nothing to do with a high quality. Even though the food was not a 5-star one, but its price was.

In addition, the service was terrible. For some of the waiters, clearly this was the first day on the job. They didn’t knew how to operate the coffee machine and the cash register. We found out that in a five star hotel food in plastic containers could take a good half hour to arrive to the table…

It seems Jumeirah has hired some temporary worker for the event, and moreover it did not provide them with a basic training ahead of it. The irony of the situation is that the event targeted fashion-conscious consumers who pride themselves with an exquisite taste and elegant style.

In addition, in the media lounge, there were no traces of hot and soft beverages. There was no coffee or tea. Moreover, there was no water either! Although, the place was busy with journalists and fashion designers, neither of these basic necessities was provided in a timely manner. One could wonder how you expect outstanding event coverage if you don’t provide outstanding service to the people responsible for it.

After all, staying hydrated and fed should not be considered a luxury at a luxurious event in luxurious five star hotel.


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