Upcoming Trends in E-commerce


E-commerce is a rather a new type of industry, at least in some arts of the world. It first started to gain popularity in the 1990s in the United States. However, it was only during the past few years that e-commerce has actually turned into something big, although not for everyone. The evolution is attributed to Internet connection, electronic payments and computers or smart mobile devices are no longer regarded as a luxury. The majority of consumers are well familiar with all of these terms. In addition, they are attracted by e-commerce, because it saves time and it is accessible from anywhere at any time. Because of its growing popularity, e-commerce will continue to develop in an effort to lure even more consumers and generate higher revenues. In this article, we will overview  some of the ways in which the industry could change in the future.

Trying Out Clothes from Home

Have you ever purchased a piece of clothing online from bebe.com or Light In The Box, which turned out to be a bad fit for you? Well, someday (hopefully soon) such experience won’t be on the cards. With technology developing at rapid speed, in the future e-commerce will allow you to virtually try out the clothes and accessories you want to purchase. In fact, many companies are already investing in the research of such technological innovations. The reason is that they are currently suffering great loses from product exchanges and returns.

No Limits

Soon we would be able to find virtually anything in online stores. Product catalogues will not be limited only to clothing, jewelry, shoes, Halloween costumes and electronics. It won’t take long before they start to include items like fresh fruit, for example. E-commerce networks and companies are quickly developing. Soon they may establish relations with companies, retailers and distributors in your area. For example, Aramex launched yesterday a new service in Dubai that offers same day delivery with the great intentions to serve consumers better. We won’t comment here that the regular deliveries are slow and delayed, but the strive for better service is evident. Such service will enable retailer to sell products faster. Practically, soon you would not even need to leave your home to do your daily shopping.

Online Shopping Assistants

Sometimes, when we shop, we need an expert opinion. However, with online shopping that is only possible in  a real time chat. Even if an online store has a 24/7 support or assistance center, the consumer does not always receive quick response or advice, at least not in Dubai. However, in the near future, shopping websites will allow you to connect with real shopping assistants. This will enable consumers to ask all of their questions and get information on specific product categories like technology or nutrition. The assistants will be real people who will specialize in one or more product categories. This service will make online shopping a new kind of experience. In addition, online retailers will finally have the opportunity to build long-lasting and more personal relationships with their clients.


Nearly every aspect of e-commerce will become customizable. For instance, you will choose how to combine the outfits you want to buy. Also, consumers will be allowed to customize the design of the products they want to order. That, however, will not be limited only to colour or size. E-commerce sites will offer you an option where you will have the chance to customize nearly every small detail of the product. At present, the best developed e-commerce website is Amazon.com and you can now even experience the shopping experience it offers in a free 30-days trial.

Better Product Suggestions

Online stores have been collecting consumer data and preferences since the moment they launched on the web. This is done in order consumers to get a better and more personalized shopping experience, like relevant product suggestions and tailor-made offers. In the near future, the systems and technologies used for that will rely on more advanced algorithms. They will provide even better suggestions and offer you many things you did not know you even want.

Since e-commerce is closely connected with the development of computer and smart technology, it will become better and more efficient as time passes. As a matter of fact, it may not be an overstatement to say that one day online shopping will become our primary way of shopping.


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