Ramadan Iftar Initiatives to Be Lunched across the UAE


Preparations for Ramadan and various charity initiatives have already started in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and in many parts of the United Arab Emirates. One of the largest is the Ramadan Iftar programme and its fourth edition which is said to deliver over 1.7 million meals during the Holy Month.

In June, the Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahayan Foundation (KBZF) announced the launch of the Ramadan Iftar initiative which will encourage around 600 low-income Emirati families to prepare Iftar meals for people across the UAE. Families taking part in the programme will be provided with long-term financial support as well as with essential food products and ingredients for the traditional meals. According to the estimations, each family will cook around 100 meal packages every day, which makes a total of 1.7 to 1.8 million packages during the whole period of the programme. About 120 areas, institutions and other facilities across the country will be distributing the meals to poor and homeless people.

Of course, several authorities will be making regular inspection visits to ensure the safety of the food, including the Public Safety and Emergency Service. In addition, many other charity programmes are gaining popularity every Ramadan. This year, the Shekh Zayed Grand Mosque is taking part in the organizing and distribution of free Iftar meals. The Armed Forces Officers Club in Abu Dhabi will prepare and deliver food packages to the Grand Mosque and special Iftar air-conditioned tents set up for Ramadan. Another organization, Emirates Red Crescent has also launched a special Ramadan initiative which includes roughly 800,000 Iftar meals offered in 120 tents in the country. The Red Crescent will also give away Eid clothing and organize various zakat activities for needy people not only in the UAE, but also abroad.

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