Invest in your child’s future this Spring Break


A child’s ability to absorb new concepts and learn new things is at its peak around the age of 4 years. Young children have a higher capacity to learn more than one language simultaneously than adults; studies show that children who grow up learning to speak two languages are better at switching between tasks than children who learn only one language.

As most schools close for the spring break, Eton Institute, the UAE’s largest language training and professional development centre, is offering language courses especially for Kids and Teens in 6 different languages. The main aim is to teach children a new language or polish up their native language with fun activity based language courses.

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“Most individuals start learning foreign languages in high school and college. However numerous studies show that introducing kids to foreign languages helps boost their brain power and makes them more open to diversity. Multilingual children are not only more creative but they also have better understanding and tolerance of different cultures than their monolingual counterparts,” commented Moaz Khan, Marketing Manager, Eton Institute.

“What’s more many secondary school children face end of year exams soon after returning from the Spring Break. Language lessons at Eton Institute provide a fantastic opportunity to really boost their oral skills and fluency in speaking and understanding the language, improving their exam performance and giving them a chance to show off their skills with confidence,” he added.

The language courses are taught by highly qualified, native speakers who make language learning fun and easy. The Kids and Teens courses are scheduled to start on the 31st of March for children between the ages 4 – 16 years and are available in six different languages, including Arabic, English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

For more details visit or call 800 ETON (800 3866) and speak to an advisor.


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