YouTube to offer paid subscriptions later in 2013


The popular social media site will make some of its subscriptions paid

Whether you like it or not, YouTube is about to take a brand new path. The social website is planning to make subscriptions to some of its video channels paid. In that way YouTube will try to attract advertisers and content producers and get some more cash.

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The company contacted a number of channel producers and gave them the task to develop different video channels that can be paid. There is also information on the possible subscription prices. Users who want to subscribe to the special channels will need to pay somewhere between $1 and $5 per month.

Also, YouTube will charge some of its other services. Among them are live events, advice and help shows, as well as content libraries.

There is still no information about the names and content of the paid channels. However, YouTube is said to join forces with successful media companies for their development. The social media will probably work with the networks Fullscreen, Maker Studios and Machinima who are behind some of the most popular video channels right now. In addition, the social website is reported to be searching for some new talents in the sphere.

YouTube is rumoured to launch the new paid services somewhere between April and June. There is a big chance that the company will introduce the first paid channels towards the end of April at the Digital Content New Fronts. This is an annual event on which companies for digital media, like YouTube, Yahoo and AOL, welcome advertisers and unveil new ideas for online video content.

YouTube’s paid subscriptions are not a surprise. The company has already mentioned that it wants to make some of its services and content paid. Last year, from YouTube said that they can be of help for smaller and less popular platforms and networks by distributing their material. The company then added that it wants to offer a distribution that is more affordable.

The paid subscriptions will be regarded as an experimental or a trial services. That is a common practice for most new YouTube services. Back in 2010, the social website started to offer video rentals as an experimental feature. Therefore, it is expected that the subscription service will start small with only 20 or 25 channels.

This, however, is a tricky undertaking. For years YouTube has been completely free for use. Paid subscriptions may either help or destroy the video channels on the popular website.


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