Italian Circus Steps Up DSF Excitement At Festival Promenade


Being a popular destination, Festival Promenade at Dubai Festival City again comes to life with the opening of the Italian Circus during this year’s edition of DSF. The festive noise along with the huge and traditional circus tent has stepped up the excitement at this wonderful DSF destination.

Attracting tons of families, group of friends, tourists and residents, the opening show of the Italian Circus was packed with hundreds of families and children. The exclusive programme specially organized for DSF 2013 generated great fun and laughter among the audience, as well as awe and nail-biting moments. For some two hours, the circus goers witnessed breathtaking acts, never-before-seen tricks, funny antics and a host of talented performers from around the world.

The show had over 15 acts that enticed the crowd making them glued to their seats while watching. Highlights of the show included tightrope walkers, balance tricks on bicycles and unicycles, trapeze artists, gymnasts and acrobats. The crowd cheered the pendulum act shrieking with excitement as the performers carried on with almost death-defying stunts. The magic tricks and optical illusion also wowed the crowd especially during the number wherein the dancers practically changed their costumes in split second onstage.

Two clowns provided a thrilling treat with comic relief in between major acts. The clowns’ segment allowed audience participation, therefore adding to the loud cheers and laughter that filled the circus tent.

Italian Circus has more than 27 world-class performers hailing from Columbia, Spain, Mexico, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Italy. Proving strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, these performers are trained since their young age. The troupe has toured international festivals around the world including countries in Europe, Far East and the Middle East.

Camille Junsay, who was looking after little Ahmad Hakik at the show, said: “Ahmad had fun during the show. He liked the clowns very much. I also enjoyed all the acts especially the magic tricks and the high jump in rolling wheels. It was breathtaking!”

Rida Farouk, an Indian kid said she also had a great time. “The clowns were very funny. I was laughing the whole time. Also the stunts were awesome. I really thought they would fall from that high jump but they didn’t. So, it was really super to see such kind of amazing performances.”

Circus lovers can catch either of the two shows scheduled at 6pm and 9pm daily. It is suitable for all ages. Tickets are available at the Main Entrance Gate. Each is priced from AED 50, AED 75 and AED 100. Kids below three years old can come in for free. To get more information, please call 056-3601271 or 055-2261265.


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