2013 Tendencies Retailers Must Watch


Sagacious retailers are already looking forward to 2013 consumer trends, although  now their cash registers and online shopping carts are full of  festive sales proceeds. The upcoming year will be even better for retailers, according a number of industry’s forecasts. Much better performance of the sector is expected during the second half of 2013.

In this article we have combined the latest data from various forecasts, surveys and expert opinions to provide a clear industry outlook for retailers at the begging of 2013.

Mobile Technology

The passing 2012 will be remembered as the year in which mobile technology massively entered into the lifestyle of consumers. Respectively, small and large retailers showed strong affection towards it. The majority of mobile developers expect that a large number of retail companies will start mobile merchandising in 2013. The latest trends show that consumers actively  search and review products on smartphones or tablets. Indeed, they do it in traditional shops too. People just love shopping! This trend highlights the importance and development of customers’ attitude.  Therefore, mobile developers are firmly convinced that in 2013 customers will tend to shop more on their mobile devices.

Online and Offline Synergy 

The continuously improving direct-to-consumer online merchandising model is viewed as the next big step into the age of digital progress. In order to develop and administer a prosperous brand in this digital age, you have to reconsider the evolving attitude of the consumer. This should be made in respect of the latest dynamics and changing conditions. The future is not set in online merchandising, neither in offline one, it is centered in the combination of both. However, the customers don’t care about these retail tendencies. All they want is to purchase the latest products for a good prices with no respect of place or reasons. Customers prefer to shop from established brands that listen and comprehend their demands. Therefore, online customer service is a factor of great significant for retailers in 2013.

Brands that manage to evolve online will become top retailers in the coming year. Merchants have to follow the customer wherever he or she is. Now, they can approach consumers on the web and in the store, or at the both places at the same time.

The e-commerce offers a great way to research, learn, find reviews and build your own perception. Yet, the physical store gives you the opportunity to try, touch and feel products. The combination of these two drivers pushes every retailers forward into the future. To find the right recipe for this type of merchandise will be essential for retailers in 2013.

Social Retail

Some interesting online merchandising data on social media account in retail was released in the US recently. In 2012, Facebook traffic fall to reach only 90%, which was 5% lower than in 2011 (95%). At the same time, Pinterest traffic doubled since last year. In 2013, the social media will be very important for the market as it builds awareness, not direct sales.

These days, retailers are beginning to understand the importance of social media for the development of customers’ enthusiasm. A good  strategy may be awarding customers for tweeting about offers  and deals with online redeemable gift cards. Social networks are an impressive tool which retailer can use to build awareness to their brands. And the growing awareness develops the real product decisions.


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