How to Use Social Media in Wedding Planning


Wedding planning usually requires a lot of time and efforts. It is not easy to organize the party, the guests and all the other wedding “affairs”. That is why it is a good to get some help. No, we are not talking about expensive wedding agents or planners. We will suggest a free solution that will help you organize and arrange almost everything connected to your wedding. We have found the answer to your prayers and its name is… social media!

Social media is widely used by companies for marketing and advertising. But how can it help you and your wedding? Have you even thought of your Big Day as a publicity campaign? It very much resembles one: you want more people to know about the event, you want to stay in touch with your guests and inform them, you want to connect with vendors and to look for advices… So what is the best way to promote a publicity campaign? Social media, of course!

Here are some areas in which social websites can enhance your wedding planning activities and experience:

Inform Your Guests

When you start organizing your Big Day you will see that your schedule and plans will constantly change. You may have to move the date or your wedding location, for example. If that happens you must quickly inform your family and friends. However, letters and phone calls will take you a lot of time and they will cost you a lot of money. That is why it is better to use some of the advantages of social websites.

Create a profile or a page on some social network. Then connect with all your guests and start posting info and updates about the upcoming event. Another thing you can do is develop a website or a blog dedicated to your wedding. In that way you will reach even those of your guest who are not fond of social networks. You can also upload your registry in your site/blog so that guests can easily access it and browse it.

Look for Ideas and Inspiration

Social websites are the prefect source for ideas and inspiration. There you can take a look at the social pages of different wedding planners. Many of them regularly update their profiles with thematic photo albums. Moreover, some of them even post wedding tips and advices. Through social media you can use the experience of wedding experts for free. Also, you can connect with other wedding enthusiasts and exchange knowledge with them.

Find, Research and Hire Wedding Team

For your wedding you will need to find bridal shops, caterers, photographers and etc. You can do that in three ways: go out and do the impossible to search the whole town, leave it to someone else or use social websites. We recommend you take the last option. In that way you will feel in control of the situation and you will also spend less money and time. Use the search functions of social platforms to find the best stores and professionals in your area. Then research them by looking at their page. Also, make sure you read some comments and reviews made by people who have used their services. After you make your choice, contact them and arrange a meeting.

Share Your Best Moments

Take the social websites to share pictures and videos from your wedding. You can also publish snaps of your wedding planning activities like choosing your cake, dress fittings or invitations signing. Most social websites support media sharing so you won’t have a problem with that. In addition, there are special social platforms developed only for media sharing and storing. Some of them even offer editing tools with which you can fix some more inappropriate photos or create a slide show for your family and friends.

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If you use social media and all these ideas, you will certainly organize your Big Day faster, cheaper and easier. Good luck!


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