How to decorate your office for Christmas


The office is where people spend most of their days. It is like a second home. Therefore, when Christmas draws near many of us try to bring some of the Christmas spirit to the workplace.

However, when you decorate your office you should follow certain basic rules,  like avoiding oppressive religious figures, for example.  Too bight colors are also not recommended. Personal touch depends on the character of the business. Large corporations may not fancy Teddy bears, while small boutiques would avoid lots of shinny ornaments.

Here we offer a few tips on how to decorate your office for Christmas without destroying the petty cash balance and the holly spirit.

Oh, Christmas Tree…

When it comes to decorating your workplace,  Xmas tree is not a must. That is because it may occupy a lot of space, especially if your office is small. However, if you are determined to have a holiday tree, then go with a more mini version of it. Also, natural trees can create a lot of mess when their spines start to fall out. Therefore, fake trees are more preferable. They last longer and they need less cares. After you choose the appropriate Christmas tree for your workplace, you need to place it somewhere. Put your Christmas joy where there is less “traffic”. For example, use some of the corners of the room. Avoid placing the tree on the aisles between the desks. People will have hard time getting around it and they may even topple it down. Decorate your Xmas tree with ornaments that have a clean and simple look. In addition, do not pile it with too many decorations.

The Ornaments

Even if you don’t have a tree you can still use some ornaments. The good thing about ornaments is that you can hang them everywhere. You don’t need any additional preparation. Put some decorations on the lights or on the ceiling. However, avoid decorating items and furniture which often need to be moved. For example, task boards are often updated and ornaments will only hinder or slow down this process.

Lights, Garlands and Wreaths

This is the quickest and cheapest way to invite Christmas into your workplace. However, be careful when it comes to combining lights and garlands. Christmas lights tend to heat up. As a result, they can ignite the tinsels. Place wreaths on your door or on your windows to warm up the atmosphere!


Make sure that everyone in the office participates in the Christmas decorating in one way or another. In that way they can practice or work on their team spirit. To do that ask your employees to bring a little something from home, like a figure or an ornament or even just a nice Christmas card that was once sent to them. However, remind them not to bring any bulky decorations that take a lot of space. This decorating method is not only fun and engaging, but it is also cheap because you are recycling previous-years items.

Decorating your office for the Christmas holiday can bring many smiles and joy in your work environment. However, don’t get too carried away with big ornaments or inappropriate symbols. Remember that office Xmas decorations should only remind of the holiday and not invade your work.

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