Is this a new property boom or …. think again


A number of newspapers’ headlines promote significant shifts in Dubai real estate prices and rental values, suggesting that the boom times are back. However, the reality shows a more subdued recovery or a total absence of recovery for many areas in Dubai.

The Prime Global Rental Index published by property broker Knight Frank showed just a two per cent rise in average prime rental costs in the first half of 2012. According to CBRE, lease rates have even started to see a marginal drop during the third quarter of the year. Jones Lang LaSalle says in its Q3 report on the Dubai real estate market that the real estate investment market has been quiet over the summer months. Similar data released by the most prominent market analysts  hardly indicate a new property boom.

At present, Dubai is completely influenced by world economics. A modest rental growth is in accordance to the global tendencies.  Furthermore, real estate prices and rental costs look more likely to shrink in the coming months.

Property investors are not flooding into Dubai like before, despite reinstored traffic jams being reported lately by the media. People and businesses are arriving with the hope of extracting some money from an economy that appears to be faring better than their own, despite the debt restructuring. Investors are at present on the search for income, but not on a shopping spree resulting in piling cash into the local economy.

In addition, there is exceptional capital value property for sale at incredibly low prices in a multitude of other parts of the world.

The desperate efforts of real estate brokers, property owners and a handful local media outlets are unfortunately not enough to lay the foundations for a new property boom. People who are looking to invest in Dubai real estate should be very cautious in choosing location and mode of payments.

The global economy remains weak and according to a number of estimates, it will remain weak in 2013, if it doesn’t erode further.


  1. I  agree with the author , the rentals have not gone that high as some of houses that have gone up , perhapes there are some speculators around who want to gain again , and the market prices have gone up in jvt upto one million or more in the last few months , that rise is suspecios , one should wait for another few months to see if it really is going high or not . The authors references are quite genuine and the this article is not only experience based 

  2. Dubai’s property market will not pick up any time soon. It is well documented world wide, the number of people that have lost their life savings, through a corrupt system, that they call the Dubai property market.  Not good for business

  3. Im so so disappointed to see speculators back in the market again.. being part of this evil before as a real estate professional i saw handful of people full of greed sucking people life savings and guess whatt??
    They are back again.. talking to the agents back in dubai ive been told that pay down payment and flip your property like old time.. this is so unfortunate as dubai is going downhill once again and some people will loose their life time savings again.. 


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