Samsung files lawsuit over Apple’s iPhone 5


Samsung accuses Apple of violating its patents. This is further intensifying the relations between the two companies. We remind you that Samsung just won a court case against Apple which removed the ban of Galaxy Tab sales in the US.

Last month, the South Korean company, which is the biggest seller of mobile phones, filed claims that Apple violated its patents with iPhone 5. Back in August, in a different case, Samsung had to pay Apple $1.05 billion after it was announced guilty of infringing a patent of its rival.

Officials from Samsung said that the company has already studied the new iPhone 5 and it found that the device violates 8 of its patents (two patents for standards and six for features).

247086_Non-stop kid-friendly shows just $7.99 a month The two smartphone giants have been fighting on and off and accusing each other of patent infringements. Currently, Apple and Samsung are involved in patent cases on four different continents. The two companies are determined to win a global dominance on the smartphone market which amounts to $219 billion.

Yesterday, after nearly four months, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban in the US was lifted. According to the case’s judge there was no point in keeping the ban after the court jury decided in August that Samsung did not violate Apple’s patents for design.

Apple, on the other hand, does not approve that. The company reminded that the jurors found Samsung guilty in infringing other Apple patents.

Trial Scheduled for 2014

The new claims which Samsung filed against Apple will be heard in a case in 2014. In its complaint the South Korean company lists the same 8 patents that were discussed in previous court cases. However, this time it also includes Apple’s iPad and iPod Touch.

Apple Inc. has managed to win a patent case against its rival, which resulted in the US market ban of Samsung’s smartphone device Nexus. Back in August, Apple decided to turn its guns to Galaxy S III by including it among the violated patents. In September, Apple stated that its patent claims will probably affect other devices of Samsung. Some of them were Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

In the previous patent cases, Samsung was found guilty in violating 6 out of 7 Apple patens. In December there will be another trial in which Apple’s wish for a permanent ban of some Samsung’s smartphones and Tab 10.1 on the US market will be discussed. Samsung’s request for repealing the August verdict will be also taken into consideration.

From Apple still haven’t made any comments regarding the lifting of the US ban of Galaxy Tab 10.1 as well as Samsung’s new patent claims against the iPhone 5.

Samsung’s shares rose by 1.7%, reaching 1,369,000 in early Asian trading.


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