People in Dubai queue for hours to spend millions


The pictures you are seeing bellow are taken at around 8pm on 21st of September in Dubai. The venue is Emaar square, in the hearth of Dubai’s business district and home to Emaar Properties PJSC.

The reason for this people to stand in front of the Dubai-based developer’s offices is that they want to invest their money in off-plan property in Dubai.

Tomorrow morning, at around 9 am, Emaar will offer for sale its latest project in Downtown Dubai.

There will be 542 apartments on offer  and the prices will be announced to investors at the spot according to the company’s policy.

Most of the people linning up in front of Emaar’s offices tonight don’t look like investors, but rather like drivers or gardeners of investors. However, it is not uncommon practice for rich people or companies to send their staff to secure place in the que for them. There were also many people from other Arab countries and a handful of Europeans. Security guards are all over the place. Cars are parked everywhere around Emaar Square.

If you don’t believe yet that a new property boom is building up in Dubai, better change your ides quickly and hop on the train.


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