New Media Group debuts as powerful content marketer


New Media Group is a new company focused on services in the fields of digital publishing, content marketing, online advertising and social media in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It’s young  creative team consists of content creators and marketers, web designers and strategists.

New Media Group is founded on the principle of full commitment to quality, service and innovation. The firm believes that the key to success in the online sphere lies in providing appealing web design, unique content creation, shrewd marketing and advertising tactics, powerful and intuitive technology. That is why the company provides services in the fields of web development, content management and marketing, custom applications development, web design, search engine optimization, social media, and other web-based services.

The firm is proud of its strict quality and deadline policy as we can see from its statement: “we’re not satisfied with just hitting a deadline – we’re determined to beat your deadline”. This sound ambitious and yet it shows the determination of the company to settle with nothing less than an excellent, not just good, performance.

New Media Group’s main goal is to take you ahead of your competition by using the power of innovation and technology. Moreover, its target is building an impeccable reputation among its clients, rather than making easy money. The main concern of the company is to please its customers and partners by constantly introducing quality product.

New Media Group comes to the market with innovative ideas and clear vision on the role of the Internet in the daily life. It brings with itself a new approach to clients’ network and working policy while introducing a great variety of services and solutions for both, small to medium-sized businesses and international corporations.

The flagship web portal of New Media Group is, while is the newest addition to its portfolio.

For additional information about the service provided by New Media Group, please email; follow on Twitter at @NewMediaGroup2 and like its Facebook page


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