What Is The Best Season for Wedding


Every season could be viewed as the best season for wedding since there are months in each of those seasons that many people want to plan their wedding day on. Knowing when the off peak wedding season begins will give you tremendous advantage as far as wedding vendors are concerned, because they will be seeking the most business they can get. You will also have the opportunity to bargain with your catering services, DJ services, and other wedding services that you may have to pay premium prices for during the peak wedding season. You will consider that, it will be more difficult to schedule the exact date that you will want during peak wedding months because you will be competing with others who want to have their weddings during the same time.

Let’s see what is the reason that there are months that people want to have their weddings on and months that they don’t?

First, you have to take into account Mother Nature. Although no one can predict the weather, it is more likely that during some months you can expect fewer problems with the weather and other elements than others. When you are planning an outdoor wedding this is something that you take into account. Nevertheless, if you are planning to have your wedding indoors then you shouldn’t worry about the elements of weather as this may not cause any problems on your wedding day and, eventually, you may save a lot of money.

Experts believe that the most popular months for weddings are May, June, July, August, September, and October. It is not surprising since the weather in these months is generally splendid and most people have some time off during the summer seasons so if you have relatives and friends who live away from where the wedding will be taking place, they will be able to travel easier. However, it is great that weddings can be celebrated during any time of the year, so you can schedule a wedding on off peak months and probably save a great deal money. It would also be of great benefit if your wedding budget is tight, with is the common case these days because of the economic conditions.

Research will also help you decide when the most appropriate time of the year and the best season for wedding for you. Some people don’t think the time of the year is important and all they care about is spending the rest of their life with their “better half”. Nevertheless, saving some money does no harm. Doing a little research before you start with the  wedding planning could be of great advantage to yourself. If you negotiate with vendors who understand that saving money is a priority for you, your wedding could turn into a spectacular event that you will remember for the rest of your life.

If you live in a region like Dubai where the weather is more likely to remain nice during the cooler to colder months it would be perfect for you to plan your wedding during an off peak month. Two things you will have to take into account are the possibility of the elements playing a factor in your wedding and how your guest will react to these conditions. You should definitely have a plan B in place just in case something goes wrong. Moreover, if you are planning to use a hotel or resort for your wedding reception consider the fact that even if weddings are be very popular during those times, you may be in competition with tourists and businesses so you may still have to compromise for your wedding date. You will see that other local necessities may cost you much less if you are able to plan your wedding during off peak wedding months from November through April. Things like local foods, local flowers that are in season during the month you have chosen, as well as other local needs could also be less costly during the off peak months. If it seems to you that you are being up charged because they are aware that it is for a wedding, just refuse to pay more for those services. If a vendor feels that they may lose your business they will cut their prices and if they don’t you should be ready to go somewhere else with your business.

As far as the season is concerned, you will have something memorable, no matter when your wedding occurs. In winter you can have a romantic wonderland wedding that has the perfect background of the holidays and sparkly lights. You could have a Springtime wedding since the beginning of the season seems to be the perfect backdrop for the bride and groom. Or you may choose to have a summer wedding in order to enjoy the warm summer breeze that can be great for outdoor and indoor events alike. Of course, let’s not forget the beautiful autumn when the leaves begin to change in colours and the warmth of the nights give ways to a crisp cool evening.

You should always look for discounts and special offers when possible. You may also find that some local businesses offer certain goodies if you make your reservations several months in advance. By working with local vendors and looking for the best offers both in person and online just about every month of the year could be ideal for your wedding ceremony. The money you save may even give you the opportunity to buy your bridesmaid something special like diamond earrings in order to to show them how much they meant to you during your wedding and how you know that they too made great sacrifices to make sure everything went as planned.


  1. I agree that popular wedding months are May – October, As per expert opinion colder to coldest weather have different factors for less wedding ceremony; cost is the major factor,


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