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The good luck saying ‘something borrowed, something blue…’ dates back to the Victorian era and many brides still try and ensure they have something of each in their bridal outfit. Here’s some ideas to help you stay true to tradition.

Weddings are full of symbols and meanings, and the Victorian rhyme is a perfect example:

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in your shoe.”

We’ve all come across this at some point and have probably been saying it since our school days, but what do they actually mean? Understanding and tailoring these wedding traditions into your outfit is a fantastic way to make your day really personal.

Something old

What ‘something old’ means:
Something old represents the link with the bride’s family, in particular the mother and grandmother.

‘Something old’ ideas for you:
Having something old is great for fashion queens because vintage is a timeless trend. Try to include something that belonged to either your mother or grandmother; perhaps a handkerchief could be wrapped around your bouquet; or a piece of fabric or beading from their wedding gowns could be sewn into your own dress. A sweet idea is to shrink a picture of you, your mother and your grandmother and place it onto a charm; then add this to your bracelet or locket. The jewellery itself could belong to your mother or grandmother, which is a popular choice among brides.

Something new

What ‘something new’ means:
Something new is supposed to bring you good luck and a happy, bright future. It represents the new union you have made with your partner.

‘Something new’ ideas for you:
Often people use their wedding dress as their something new. This is great because it is the one thing you are most likely to keep all your life. To give tradition a modern twist, why not choose a short dress and some heels? Alternatively, opt for a necklace or bracelet as your new item. This will continue the theme of unity as both form complete circles.

Something borrowed

What ‘something borrowed’ means:
This item is usually lent to you by a happily married woman who is a close friend or family member. By lending you something she is giving you some of her own marital happiness.

‘Something borrowed’ ideas for you:
Borrowing a garter or tiara for your wedding day is significant as they were worn by another bride on her special day and could bring more sentimental value than brand new versions. Alternatively, some brides opt to wear their mother’s wedding dress as an ultimate mark of the special mother-daughter bond.

Something blue

What ‘something blue’ means:
Blue is the symbol of faithfulness, purity and loyalty.

‘Something blue’ ideas for you:
Traditionally your something blue is a blue garter but this is not everyone’s taste. There are some other alternatives though – silky blue underwear, a pretty blue hair piece or some satin blue shoes perhaps. Alternatively, why not ask your bridesmaids to paint your toe nails? You could even have blue flowers or ribbon in your bouquet.

Silver sixpence in your shoe

What a ‘silver sixpence in your shoe’ means:
This part of the rhyme is often forgotten. It is said to bring the couple fortune.

‘Silver sixpence in your shoe’ ideas for you:
A sixpence is a little hard to find these days and the only alternative is to carry the equivalent in today’s currency, so if you’re not keen on jingling down the aisle, we suggest that this part of the tradition is quietly forgotten!

The veil

What the veil means:
Women have been wearing a veil at their weddings since Roman times. There have been many different meanings attached to the veil but each meaning centers upon the act of lifting the veil to represent the unveiling of the bride to the groom.

Veil ideas for you:
To start your search for the perfect veil, begin by considering your dress. You want to compliment its style but remember the veil does not need to identically match. Include any details from your gown in your veil, either as beading, stitching or as a trim. Choosing the length of your veil is another important, but tricky task. Again look at what suits your dress. Always avoid wearing a veil that sits at your hips – it will dramatically shorten your figure. Remember, if the veil is not for you, try the tiara or feather option, or even a bird headpiece a la Carrie Bradshaw!

The bouquet

What the bouquet means:
The flowers in the bouquet represent fertility. Traditionally brides would also hold a bouquet that contained herbs to ward off evil spirits! But nowadays, they’re all about the beauty and the splendor.

Bouquet ideas for you:

Bouquets typically include combinations of calla lilies, roses, sweet pea or tulips, with another popular choice being lily of the valley. Pale whites and pinks in a loose bouquet are very popular and have a sweet, romantic feel. Yet if you’re more of a glamour girl then hot pink, trailing bouquets can also be an option or luscious red roses. For those of you who want to stand out, incorporating unusual items into your bouquet could be eye catching. Try feathers, buttons, diamantes, or even food items for an unusual yet unique style.

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