UAE nationals invited to join Emirates Airline


logo 3 The Emirates Group, expanding upon its commitment to provide job opportunities and rewarding careers to Emiratis, expands the breadth of recruitment. Under the patronage of His Highness Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman & Chief Executive Emirates Airline & Group, the Group will expand hiring to encompass unlimited, qualified UAE candidates.

“The United Arab Emirates has a long history, one with which the Emirates Group is intrinsically linked. The Emirates Group knows that its future success must be aligned with the integration of UAE nationals into all levels of the organisation,” said Abdulaziz Al Ali, Emirates Executive Vice President Human Resources. “Under the guidance of His Highness Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Emirates solidifies its commitment to the career development of promising UAE citizens.”

The Emirates Group Nationalisation programme, with a substantial budget, focuses on attracting qualified Nationals across the organisation. Key programmes offered by the Emirates Group include:

• Cadet Pilot and Cabin Crew programmes
• Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Programme (Emirates Engineering)
• National High School programme, covering a diverse range of functions such as; Sky Cargo, dnata’s Airport Services, IT, Sales, Group Security and Facilities.
• English language trainee programme
• Diploma Graduate training programme
• Graduate training programme (National Higher Diploma / Bachelor) for HR, Corporate Communications, Performance Development, Industry Travel, D&LM, Commercial Operations, Airport Services, IT , Finance, dnata’s Travel Business, Hotel & Resort, CASA, Yield Management and Flight Operations
• Commercial Outstations Programme

A particular focus will be on inviting Emiratis to join the premium Emirates Cabin Crew role. With an emphasis on the warm hospitality of the UAE, the Cabin Crew role provides the opportunity for Emirati men and women to act as ambassadors of the distinct Emirati culture abroad. More than just a role focused on service and ensuring safety onboard, Cabin Crew members are primed for long and fruitful careers within the airline. Emirates acknowledges there is no better way to ensure on-going Cabin Crew management achievement than to experience the exciting role of Cabin Crew first-hand. With a clear career progression onboard, Cabin Crew experience can lead to promotion to the Purser role, which involves managing and overseeing the entire flight crew. High achievers from the Cabin Crew role and Cabin Crew Training role have progressed to join the Emirates headquarters team as Cabin Crew Manager. It is Emirates’ goal to include more UAE nationals in Cabin Crew management; supporting not only local Emiratis career progression but also as a way to provide the continuity between Emirates award-winning service and the UAE culture. Emirates currently has several Emirati men and women pursuing the Cabin Crew career path.
A strong supporter of hiring UAE nationals since commencing operations in 1985, Emirates has worked hard to recruit and retain UAE nationals; providing them with the opportunity to both train for and establish meaningful careers in aviation. The increasing importance being paid to promoting local UAE talent by the Group is beginning to pay dividends as larger number of UAE nationals are seeking careers with the Group on a year-to-year basis – 35 per cent of Emirates’ senior management, plus 12 per cent of its Cockpit crew, Aircraft Licensed Engineers and Mechanics are UAE nationals. For more information about careers within the Emirates Group visit:


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