How to choose the perfect wedding dress


Getting your bridal dress right

Find out how to choose the perfect wedding dress. Finding the right bridal dress need not be all stress and no fun so just follow our wedding dress guide and get it right.

Your wedding dress is one of the most important things to you on your wedding day. It influences your mood on the day, your confidence and it is an expression of your personality. Above all, as the bride you will be the centre of attention throughout the day, so it’s important that you look the part. And that first impression of the dress, to your guests and the groom, is so very important…

Starting the search for your wedding dress…

The best place to start is with an open mind; if you focus on one style of dress you limit what you look at and could potentially overlook the perfect dress. Starting with a few simple styles will help you narrow it down. Are you looking for something very traditional or more contemporary? Do you want a full length gown or knee length? Before you start shopping think about these few basic questions to ensure you don’t become so overwhelmed by the choice you have a full melt down in the shop.

How practical is your wedding dress?

Considering your chosen venue will help to narrow down what you are after. Finding a dress to suit the theme of your wedding is important, so if you are getting married on a beach then a dress with a long train may not be ideal for walking on the sand, or a heavier, fuller dress may be a hassle if you’re marrying in a hotter climate. This is not a hard and fast rule of course, as you may be getting married in a traditional setting but want to contrast this with a contemporary dress. Practicalities are important though, especially when considering the weather. A fur shrug and full length gloves for a summer wedding is not the best look.

Start with a wide choice of wedding dress options

Aim to try on a variety of dresses at first to get an idea of what suits you; start big and you can narrow it down as you go along. If you thought you really didn’t want a full lace dress with bodice and long train, still give it a try to ensure it’s definitely something you don’t want. Make sure you bring along your most trusted friends, ensuring they are people who will give you a truly honest opinion and not just tell you what you want to hear. Ask them to take notes on what you have tried on so that you don’t forget the styles you’ve seen, what you liked and what you definitely didn’t like. But remember, some bridal shops disallow photography so check this with the owner first.

Make it a wedding dress you are comfortable with

Try not to go for a bridal dress too far from your natural style and personality. Although it is nice to wear a wedding dress that totally transforms you, you want to be able to recognise yourself in the pictures, and of course feel comfortable on the day. Choosing a wedding dress that is a reflection of yourself, rather than a whole new you, is the best way to ensure you get something that really works for you on the day. Your wedding day isn’t really the day to try something so radical that you end up regretting it every time you get out the wedding album.

Trust the wedding dress assistant

When choosing your dress take into consideration your height, size and shape. Not every dress suits every size but there is a dress out there for you no matter what shape you are. When thinking about what suits your shape cast you mind back to a dress or outfit that you have worn that you felt really special in, as a good point of reference. Do you prefer straps, sleeves, full length, halter neck? Being practical is of course important here, if you are fuller on top you will need a dress that ensures you are well supported. Trust the assistant on this, she has seen all sorts of different brides with different needs and will know what works best to make the most of your assets.

A wedding theme brings it all together

Finally, think about the colour scheme and theme of the wedding, choosing a detail that runs through your wedding theme such as a butterfly broach or a coloured sash will really bring everything together on the day, and can even be used on invitations and table settings.


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