Dubai-based fashion designer shares business insights


Exclusive interview with Meena Rose Fashion Designer

During the Bride Show Dubai 2012, Dubai Chronicle’s editor had the wonderful opportunity to review the most-recent fashion collections of established local and International designers. Glamorous models of haute couture dresses, bridal gowns, abayas, jalabiyas and Moroccan kaftans were presented on the catwalk during the four days of the event.

Among the most outstanding was the collection of Meena Rose Fashion house, which combines classic elegance with the newest seasonal trends. Right after the fashion show ended, Dubai Chronicle’s editor interviewed one of the designers.

Q.: Where are you from?

A.: My family is from Iraq.

Q.: Since how long you are in business?

A.: My mom started the fashion house in 1985 in Kuwait. We moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2002 and I had joined her .

Q.: Where is your inspiration coming from?

A.:  I find inspirations in almost everything, but if I have to choose two places it must be magazines and the movies.

Q.: Do you consider yourself a U.A.E. grown talent?

A.: Certainly, I am, but my mom started making dresses in Kuwait.

Q.: Where do you produce these beautiful gowns?

A.: All of the dresses are made from A to Z locally. We, of course, order textile and accessories from all over the world,  mostly from Italy and France.

Q.: Is this your first partizipation in the Brride Show Dubai?

A.: No, we are partizipating every year during the last 5 years.

Q.: Have you participated in any of the fashion weeks in Paris, Milano, New York or Hong Kong?

A.: No, not yet, but we would like to explore the opportunity.

Q.: What is the price range of Meena Rose dresses?

A.: The prices start at around 4,000 dirhams ($1,085). The most expensive gowns can reach up to 30,000 dirhams ($8,150).

Q.: Who is your most famous customer?

A.: We have made dresses for many royal ladies in Kuwait and in the U.A.E., but I can’t mention their names in public.


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