Bride Show Dubai: Exclusive Interview with Rkia Ait Blal



The Bride Show Dubai 2012 is a more spectacular event then ever. Tending to showcase the latest styles and trends in Asian and Middle Eastern traditional wedding planning and fashion, the exhibition venue is buzzing with visitors, exhibitors and media representatives.


   Young and innovative designer, Rkia Ait Blal, presented her unique haute couture kaftan collection on the second day of The Bride Show Dubai. The concept is very different from the typical Moroccan kaftans, interesting and definitely new to the Middle East. The dresses combine modernity of Europe and  North African traditions. The fundamental of Rkai Ait Blal’s collection can be found in each outfit as the typical Moroccan furnishing with handmade silk or golden yarn’s buttons.

The designer is based and operates both  in Casablanca and Paris. Rkia Ait Blal has recently  opened a new boutique at Place Vendôme, Paris.

  Dubai Chronicle’s editor met with the designer Rkia Ait Blal right after her fashion show concluded. Here is what she shared:

Q.: Is this is your first visit to Dubai?

A.: Yes.

Q.: How did you hear about The Bride Show Dubai?

A.: Friends have been talking during fashion exhibitions in which I participated. I searched on the Internet and found the website.

Q.: Since how long time you are in business?

A.: As of now, 10 years.

Q.: How much cost the most expensive dress in your collection?

A.: 40,000 Dirhams ($10,870).

Q.: Who is your most famous client?

A.: Moroccan actresses.

Q.: How would you describe the customers in Dubai?

A.: I do not have much experience yet, but they are different and a bit difficult. They show no interest in the designer, but only in the dresses and the prices.

Q.: Would you come back to The Bride Show and Dubai?

A.: Why not? It depends on my success here.


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