Plenty of jobs at one of Dubai’s largest private companies


The population of Dubai passed the 2 million mark recently due to an influx of fresh expat workforce. Yes, you have read it right! Despite a reportedly growing number of abandoned cars and occasional reports of companies’ casualties, many of the large Dubai based operators are actively hiring. Jobs for skilled professionals are always running fast.

Last week, Dubai Chronicle tipped its readers about the most-recent jobs available at few of the luxury hotel chains and other International companies in Dubai. Nevertheless, local large operators are also hiring, even  more aggressively.

Check Al-Futtaim’s online careers site Take some time to explore all the current jobs (more than 10 pages) and find out about what makes the company one of the largest and most progressive employers in the Gulf, Middle East region and beyond.

Al-Futtaim operates through more than 65 companies across many sectors, including automotive, retail, electronics, engineering and technologies, finance, real estate and service. It currently employs in excess of 20,000 people across the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Europe.

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