Dubai population tops two million


Dubai-based population increased by more than 22,000 people, according to official data. The emirate’s population totalled 2,000,113, according to the population clock of the Dubai statistics centre.

The figure means that the emirate’s people increased by 22,113 since the end of September and by around 100,000 since the end of 2010.

With that increase, Dubai became the most populated emirate in the UAE and accounts for nearly a quarter of the country’s total population of about eight million.

The centre gave no exact breakdown, but at the end of third quarter, Dubai population included 1,523,000 males and 455,000 females.

Such number proportion may suggest that products targeted at men will sell more than these targeted at women. However, many bachelors who reside in Dubai are often married in their native countries and purchase plenty of products as gifts for their wives and relatives.

Dubai is the main commercial and business destination in the region, handling over a fifth of the Gulf’s non-oil trade.


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