Sixty Seconds Interview with a Beauty Expert


Beauty is my passion

Dr Venera Salakhova is a professional dermatologist. She is from Russia, but lives in Dubai since 2005. Dr Salakhova recently co-founded Oxygen Spa and beauty salon in Marriott Executive Hotel and Apartments. The new beauty spot quickly became famous with rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments.

Dubai Chronicle’s editor had the rare chance to grab an interview between her countless appointments.

Q.: Please tell us about yourself in few words.

A.: I am a doctor in cosmetology and a former beautician. My passion is to help women stay young and beautiful. You can take an appointment with me by calling the Oxygen Spa on 04 2222920 or 050 2022660.

Q.: How did you became a doctor?

A.:  After completing university in my native Vladivostok, I continued my education at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, U.S… some 15 years ago. Since then, I have never stopped learning about beauty. Until now, two times a year,  I fly to France for specialized courses in rejuvenation and anti-aging.

Q.: Since how long do you work in the professional world of beauty?

A.:  Longer than 25 years. I started working at the age of 12, in the evenings and after school. My mother had a stroke, and my family struggled financially. So, I went to the local hospital and started helping as a health-giver. During my university years, I worked as a beautician after 5 pm.

Q.: What do you recommend as the most effective age-preserving cosmetic?

A.: Ericson! I work with Ericsson, which is a very famous French brand since nearly 100 years. All of Ericson’s cosmetic products are manufactured in France and the company also provides professional training to beauty therapists.

Q.: How do you feel in Dubai?

A.: Absolutely great!  It is a very dynamic city, as the cities of America or Moscow. There are plenty of opportunities. Everything is possible in Dubai!


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