DIFC Courts invites Public Consultation on guidelines


The DIFC Courts, the English language, common law judicial system based in Dubai, have sent out a new professional Code of Conduct for public consultation. The Code will act as a guide to professional behavior for lawyers using the Courts and those working within the DIFC.

The consultation period during which the Courts welcome constructive feedback from Court users will be open until 4:00 pm March 13, 2012. Interested persons can view the Code on the Courts’ website, by searching ‘Code of Conduct’ and are invited to send through their advice to the DIFC Court’s consultation email: Consultation@difccourts.ae

Chief Justice Michael Hwang, DIFC Courts said: “The Code should set the standard for professional conduct of all lawyers who operate within the DIFC, whether they are licensed to conduct business in the DIFC or authorised to appear as an advocate before the DIFC Courts. All DIFC Courts initiatives are user-centric which is why all important procedural developments seek public consultation before finalisation.’


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